MarTech News: Round-Up 05/05/23

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This Week in Martech: 

✍️ Mindtickle Announces Acquisition of Enable Us ✍️ MarketStar Acquires Regalix and 👥 Barometer and Audiohook Partner ⚙️ Litmus Launches AI Assistant...and more!

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Mindtickle Acquires Enable 

Mindtickle, a leading company in sales enablement and revenue productivity, has recently announced the acquisition of Enable Us, a rapidly-growing digital sales room and buyer enablement provider.

With this acquisition, Mindtickle is now able to empower sales representatives with personalized content experiences to collaborate digitally with buyers, ultimately accelerating sales cycles and driving revenue more predictably.

MarketStar Acquires Regalix and 

MarketStar, an outsourced sales and revenue acceleration solutions provider, has recently acquired Regalix, a global marketing and revenue operations company, along with Inc, a sales onboarding platform.

This acquisition was completed on May 1, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is expected to accelerate revenue growth and help companies scale more quickly to solve their mid-market/SMB growth challenges.

The CEO of Regalix, Vikas Sharan, believes this acquisition is a testament to the dedication and hard work of their employees and is excited about the possibilities it brings to the company.

Barometer and Audiohook Partner 

Barometer, an AI company that specializes in brand suitability and contextual targeting technology for digital audio, has recently announced a unique partnership with Audiohook, a leading audio-centric demand-side platform (DSP) that provides marketers with unprecedented transparency and control of their advertising investments.

This partnership allows advertisers to enforce brand suitability guidelines across thousands of podcasts while enhancing their contextual targeting through Audiohook's programmatic platform.

Litmus Launches AI Assistant 

Litmus, a leading email marketing solutions provider, has recently introduced Litmus Assistant, a new AI-powered solution that helps marketers create compelling and effective email campaigns faster.

Litmus Assistant utilises artificial intelligence to optimise email content and ensure inclusivity, enabling marketers to craft email experiences at scale. Unveils Experience Optimization (XO) Platform, a conversational AI platform and solutions company, has announced the release of the Experience Optimization (XO) Platform Version 10.1.

This new platform features enhanced capabilities for building chatbots using generative AI, allowing for the creation and deployment of intelligent conversational experiences five times faster with one-third of the operational efforts required compared to conventional methods.

BuildFire Acquires Bizness Apps 

BuildFire, a San Diego-based provider of a mobile app development platform, has recently acquired Bizness Apps, a competitor in the mobile app development market-based in La Jolla, CA.

This acquisition enables BuildFire to innovate and grow in the mobile app development industry.

Clara Raises US$60M 

Clara, a Mexican corporate expense management unicorn in Latin America, has recently announced the closing of a $60 million investment round.

The capital received from this round will be used to boost the technological development of their digital payments and expense management platform and consolidate their market leadership in the region.

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