MarTech News: Round-Up 02/02/23

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This Week in Martech:  👥 ChatGPT Powers NICE Platform 👥 NICE and Cognizant Partner ⚙️Demandbase Releases B2B Intent Data 👥 Gainsight and Productboard Partner ⚙️AI Detector Pro Releases AI Content Detector Tool ✍️ FiscalNote Announces Acquisition of Dragonfly

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ChatGPT Powers NICE Platform

ChatGPT is a powerful and flexible conversational AI engine that now powers the NICE Platform. It enables businesses to create natural conversations with customers, enabling them to better understand their needs and deliver more personalised experiences.

NICE and Cognizant Partner

Cognizant and NICE have announced a strategic partnership to integrate ChatGPT, an AI-powered conversational platform from NICE, into Cognizant’s enterprise software portfolio. The integration will enable Cognizant’s customers to access real-time, automated advice from its experts in any industry or field.

Demandbase Releases B2B Intent Data

Demandbase has released its B2B Intent Data service, a new tool that provides real-time insights about the intent of business prospects. The data is sourced from real conversations between sales teams and prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, emails and other channels.

Gainsight and Productboard Partner

Gainsight and Productboard have announced a strategic partnership to provide comprehensive customer success and product management solutions to their customers. The partnership will help Gainsight’s customers get an end-to-end view of customer health, while also providing support for product feedback loops and customer journey mapping.

AI Detector Pro Releases AI Content Detector Tool

AI Detector Pro has released its AI Content Detector Tool, which helps businesses detect when artificial intelligence is used in customer communications. The tool is designed to help businesses ensure their customer interactions are compliant with industry regulations.

FiscalNote Announces Acquisition of Dragonfly

FiscalNote, a leader in regulatory intelligence software, has announced the acquisition of Dragonfly AI, an artificial intelligence-powered platform that helps legal and compliance teams manage regulatory change quickly and accurately. This acquisition will help FiscalNote customers stay ahead of changes to laws and regulations.

Oro Raises $13M

Oro, an open-source e-commerce platform has announced it has raised $13M. Co-created by Magento's co-founder and former CTO, Yoav Kutner launched Oro a decade ago, shortly after leaving Magento. 

“One of the key challenges is delivering robust and feature-rich enterprise-grade sales tools, while also delivering a consumer-grade purchasing experience, with sleek and streamlined discovery, purchasing and tracking options,” Kutner stated.

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