Marketing & Technology World Cup Dream Team

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At The MarTech Alliance, we have a unique ability to segue any conversation topic and make it about marketing and technology. It's a true gift.

And so as excitement was reaching frenzied levels ahead of the World Cup in Russia our minds wandered to familiar territory and we began compiling a mental list of the industry's best and brightest (in our humble opinion), and just who would make the cut in our ultimate dream team.

So while Robbie Williams gyrated his way through the opening ceremony we brainstormed over a beer or two and came up with our marketing dream team.

Marketing dream team

Coach Vala Afshar Leadership
Goal keeper Jeanne Bliss CX
Left back Scott Brinker MarTech
Centre back Ann Handley Content
Centre back Rand Fishkin Community Development
Right back Jill Rowley Sales
Left wing Ann Smarty SEO
Centre mid Tamara McCleary Emerging & Disruptive Tech
Centre mid Tim Hughes Social Selling
Right wing Larry Kim PPC 
Centre forward  Neil Patel  CRO & Growth Hacking
Centre forward Gary Vee  Social Media


Agree, disagree, got two cents to throw in? Leave your thoughts in the comments below on who would make your own marketing dream team!