Is Your Mindset Holding Your MarTech Potential Back?

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Working closely with marketing and sales teams, one of the comments I hear most regularly is…

Why doesn’t our marketing technology ecosystem and output look like the platform demo we saw?” 

One of the main reasons is ‘Shiny New Toy’ syndrome – the misconception that technology alone is the answer to achieving marketing potential.

Fundamentally, technology does have the potential to drive marketing. After all, technology is driving much of the innovation in modern marketing techniques. But to achieve the results you want – the full scope of the platform’s capabilities – you need the right mindset. In short, reconfiguring your thinking and directing it more explicitly towards the business’ main aim… generating more revenue.

How to achieve a marketing & technology growth mindset 

Firstly, we’ve got to move past the razzmatazz. We’re told that “it’s all about engagement and customer journey!” but they only make up part of the conversation. The core of the issue is that sales and marketing are both working towards driving revenue for an organisation. Engagement metrics can point to trends and can help fluff up marketing’s outputs but they’re still one-step removed from what’s important. At the end of the day, engagement doesn’t mean all that much in that conversation between both departments. Sales want concrete leads they can pursue and marketing need to support them there.

To achieve a growth mindset as an individual, you have to be open, you have to be a team player, you have to want to take ownership and you have to be willing to fail… but fail quickly.

Learn, adapt, and then move on and succeed. Move past this run vs change mentality and become more connected with the other areas of your business, particularly sales. Why? Because you’re both, fundamentally, driving towards the same goal.

Again, I can’t stress enough about how marketing technology has a role to play in this conversation. Used correctly, the technology helps you move past this run vs change cycle, helps you connect with sales even more intricately.  After all, it’s the industry I work in and interact with on a daily basis. I have seen the success stories and helped form them.

Ready to make the move to a growth mindset and unlock the marketing potential of your MarTech stack? Get in touch and we’ll show you how we’ve not only achieved this in our own businesses, but are supporting best-in-class organisations around the world to do the same.

*Note: This article was first published as a blog on the BluPrintX website on 21st November 2019.