Improve Your Company’s Employee Education With Webinars

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Webinars provide information to investors, prospects and customers, but they’re also excellent tools for employee education. And, best yet, they can do so in a fun, entertaining and well-designed way. 

Check out the content below if you’re considering webinar training as an educational tool for your employees. 

Benefits of Digital Training


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Digital training and education is an increasingly popular way for organizations to educate staff and keep them up to date on training procedures. There are a few reasons why, but we’ll focus on three. 

Reduced Training Expenses

The first benefit of using webinars for training is reduced training expenses. In addition, webinars drastically cut down on the costs for travel, venues, food and accommodations.

But webinars help with more than just removing the logistics of training. A well-organized webinar training program can help you scale your employee education program across the globe. 

You can also localize training webinars to accommodate different languages, and, as an added benefit, you can have a virtually limitless number of employees at any time. 

Personalized Training

Modern webinars provide your organization with a unique opportunity: to provide your employees with personalized training.

Traditionally, businesses would educate employees in a one-size-fits-all format. However, this isn’t the best method for training because not only do different employees learn at different paces, but some are already proficient in the material you intend to educate them on.

With the right webinar platform, you can test, qualify and allow employees to learn at a pace suitable for them. This also empowers employees to make better use of their time and company resources. 

Continuing Professional Education

Finally, digital training allows your team to stay current on the ever-changing trends in your industry. A recurring lesson, say once a month, provides your employees the opportunity to understand industry trends, get updates on internal policies and procedures and more. 

And, as many organizations know, if you don’t provide your team with the proper training at the right time, it could leave them to learn on their own. While this is not bad in and of itself, it could lead to confusion as different organizations have different terms and approaches. 

To Drive Employee Education, Make Use of Webinar Engagement Tools

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, internal training just flops. That’s okay, but there are a few things you can do to ensure your sessions connect, engage and educate. 

The primary thing to keep in mind is to ensure you’re engaging your audience. This includes your presentation and the webinar tools your employees will use to respond to and interact with your lesson.

You can take your time by choosing a webinar that we at ON24 have created. This will hopefully provide you with some inspiration. As you’re developing your training webinar, you need to think about a few things:

  • What value will this webinar bring to your team?
  • What commitments do you and your team have? 
  • Is the content provided by the webinar engaging and compelling? 
  • How can attendees make the most out of the tool?

Keep in mind that you’ll make the most of an educational or training webinar by being clear on how the content of your event will add value to your team. 

Four Tips for Driving Engagement During Employee Education Webinars

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Successful training programs are often engaging training programs. Thankfully, modern webinars platforms provide you with a variety of tools to drive engagement and interactivity. 

Check out a few of our tips below to see how you can ensure your employees are connecting with your content. 

Keep it interactive

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: engaging webinars have great presentations and, crucially, are interactive. So make sure you take advantage of the tools your webinar platform provides you. These can include polls, surveys, resource lists, certificates, CTAs and much more. 

Host a Question and Answer Forum

After the webinar concludes, or following each training session, allow employees to ask questions. This will promote an atmosphere where employees know they can ask questions and get the answers they’re looking for.

These forums can help spark innovation and breed conversation on how these ideas can be used throughout your company’s workflow. Don’t forget to tell on-demand attendees that they can still get an answer by submitting their query into the Q&A tool if they have a question. 

Networking is Key

Attendees want to interact. Often, that means interacting with the speaker or other attendees within the webinar. In other words: networking. 

Networking doesn’t have to be difficult in a training webinar. And you can certainly make it happen with a modern webinar platform. 

Some options here include creating breakout rooms within the session. These breakouts should encourage your team to bounce ideas off of each other and talk shop in a casual manner. 

As a bonus: breakout rooms are also an excellent way for different departments within your company to interact with each other. Departments don’t always get time to meet and socialize – a webinar is a perfect place to do this.

Using Webinars for Employee Education

Employee education is essential, and that’s precisely why you need to look into webinars as an education tool. They’re scalable, personalisable, provide interactivity between your company and your employees, and, most of all, they’re cost-effective.