Why Half of the Money I Spend on AI is Wasted

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Similar to the money I waste on my Tinder Gold subscription, a lot of money in the world of martech is wasted on poorly implemented AI.

It's pretty easy to see why; my pictures are pretty old and my bio is boring and, according to a recent study, 68% of global marketers don’t understand what AI is and think it’s an overused buzzword. The keen mathematicians amongst us will have clocked that 68% is over half. That's quite a lot.

Nonetheless, despite the general malaise and misinformation surrounded AI, people still invest a lot of money into that part of their martech stack? Why? Honestly, it's probably just shiny-new-tech syndrome, but that doesn't have to be the case.

Kashyap Kompella - the CEO and Chief Analyst at RPA2AI Research - knows exactly what it means to waste money on AI and, perhaps, learned the hard way how not to do that again.

If you've been wondering how to avoid wasting money on the likes of AI, then Kompella may just be your man. Rather happily, he will be talking at our upcoming #MarTechFest Dial Up anti-conference about his experiences and furthermore, will cover a roundup of AI/ML trends/adoptions across marketing functions! 

You can watch this and so much more by signing up for the MarTech Fest (FOR FREE, I MIGHT ADD) and be there from the 19th to the 25th of April. 

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