How to F*ck Up Your Marketing Technology Strategy

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Behold, our top 5 tips to really f*ck up your marketing technology strategy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you...  





  1. Blow the Budget Just on Tech, Forget About the Team Needed to Power it 

There are a lot of tech solutions out there. A LOT. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably the kind of person who gets a warm fuzzy feeling at the thought of a shiny new tech toy... So go CRAZY! The more the better, pile em high and forget about integration – who needs a seamless pool of connected customer data anyway?  

Blow ALL the budget on tech and forget about the team. Training is overrated - leave them to work it out for themselves, and if they don’t...well, just cross your fingers and pray that they do. ROI comes down to the toss of a coin anyway, right? 

  2.   Ignore the Data 

Forget the strategy being data informed – you know best! Ever heard of mother’s intuition? Well, there’s a little thing called marketer’s intuition and that’s even better. No need for the numbers to extract key insights here. Your strategic thinking doesn’t need to be supported or challenged - If you know, you know and we know you know. You know? 

Yeah, your strategy could be built on a deep understanding of your customer data perfectly balanced with human thinking. But really, who has the time? 

   3.   Don’t Involve the Doers 

Doers do and planners plan. It’s as simple as that. If there are gaps between your goals and the teams’ capabilities – they can jump when the issue crops up. So, you may only realise when the project deadline is looming and you’re up to your knees in over spent budget - but it’s better late than never! 

Don’t involve your MOPs team from the offset. This will ensure those gaps between your goals and the team will crop up as a lovely surprise for everyone down the line rather than being addressed in the planning stage, and who doesn’t love surprises?  

A good Marketing Operations Manager may combine great management, planning and tech understanding into your martech strategy but if inviting them to the planning meetings means amending your calendar invitation, don’t sweat it. They’ll catch up. Eventually. 

   4.   Automate EVERYTHING - You Don’t Need Humans Anymore 

Too much of a good thing doesn’t exist. Automate, automate and automate some more. By automating all the tasks and communication in your campaign you may run the risk of losing the human element but think about HOW MUCH content and communication you could get flying out the door if you automated IT ALL! People are always complaining that their inboxes are too empty these days, right? 

No need to look under the hood and review your email marketing automation workflows, if it’s meant to be it will be. The messaging may not be current or relevant to the individual anymore, but you didn’t have to lift a finger in months. So, who’s the real winner? 

   5.   Forget the Overall Business Goals 

Forget about aligning your strategy to your business goals. What are they again? Let yourself run wild and free with your stack. 

Let your goals be defined so you get to play with all the cool, new features your tools have to offer and let that be the focus

A successful martech strategy often results in better automation, personalisation, insight and analytics so you might as well stop there. Don’t worry about determining the success of your strategy on whether you’ve been able to reach your business goals, you’ve got your hands full as it is. Driving new business, retaining clients and reducing churn are great but if that’s going to get in the way of playing with your shiny new tech toys – why bother?  

There you have it ladies and gents. A 5-point f&cked up marketing strategy at its finest. Can you afford to make the same mistakes? 

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