Chloe Pott's How to Audit Your Marketing Stack

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Everyone's heard of the Stackies. Scott Brinker (AKA the Godfather of martech) is behind the marketing world's answer to the Oscars. Over the years, hundreds of entries have been judged, in the contest where businesses jostle to have the best marketing tech stack.

But not everyone's stack is a work of art. Some more resemble a kid's drawing you reluctantly put on the fridge. Don't get caught having an unkempt tech stack compared to beauties like this: 

MarTech Stackie: Sargento Marketing Stack

Or this:

MarTech Stackie: Paychex Marketing Stack

Optimising your martech stack will benefit you in a bunch of ways. It's not just about getting a nice shiny trophy from S.B himself. You'll be able to avoid tool overlap, keep your database accurate and clear, better team cohesion, and steady your software budget. 

But all this stems from a good old fashioned audit. It's like giving your stack an MOT - where the M stands for martech, of course. The audit helps you determine which tools are working, and which one's aren't needed. 

After taking this step back, you'll be able to ask yourself a bunch of really important questions on the state of your martech stack. Are there any gaps? Does anything overlap? Does this tool do what I need it to, at this stage of my business? No more just chucking a bunch of stuff in a pile and hoping it works, jenga style. 

So, you want to learn how to audit. How to take that first step into being Stackies-worthy. Well, put on your ballgown. Chloe Pott of Sqreen will walk you through all things audit, in her #MarTechFest Dial Up sesh 'How to audit your marketing stack'. She'll cover:

  • How to not get overwhelmed with your curation
  • Navigating integration
  • How she audited a tech stack at Sqreen
  • Understanding the people you work with, the processes in place, and existing platforms. 

Chloe Pott has worked in B2B software for over 10 years and has a range of marketing skills from program management, to digital marketing, to marketing operations, and platform integrations. Chloe is a three time Marketo Engage Champion, multiple time MCE and the founder and co-leader of the Marketo Engage European Virtual User Group. 

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