Who is Heather Cabot?

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Heather Cabot is an entrepreneur, bestselling author and advocate for women in technology. Her debut book and digital platform, Geek Girl Rising, sets out to crush male hacker stereotypes and inspire the next generation. 

Photo of Heather Cabot

Why we love her

Heather has shone a light on the sisterhood that is shaking up the technology space. While historically a male-orientated environment, more women are emerging and Heather is doing her bit to encourage it.

Heather is an Angel investor, where she utilises her expertise and affluent position to help mostly female-led startup ventures get off the ground. 


    • Graduated from Simmons University with a BA in English and Philosophy
    • Went on to attain a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University- Graduate School of Journalism
    • Veteran reporter; former Morning anchor for WFSB and ABC News
    • Former web life editor for Yahoo! 
    • Co-Author and co-founder of Geek Girl Rising, a book and digital platform enterprising women within the technology working space

Fun facts

  • ABC Television and Milojo are developing a scripted television series on her book, Geek Girl Rising
  • Heather teaches on-camera skills at Columbia University Graduate School (where she herself attended)
  • Heather us for Marketing & Tech Book Club to talk about her book, Geek Girl Rising 

Where to find out more

  • Geekgirlrising.com: For those inspired by her book- blogs, articles and various resources
  • Forbes.com: Heather contributes blog and articles, mainly concerning enterprising women in the tech and cannabis industries
  • Don’t forget to read Heather’s ground-breaking book, Geek Girl Rising: Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech
  • Make sure you’re the first to grab a copy of her next book, The New Chardonnay: How Marijuana Went Mainstream, due for release in 2020 

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