Who is Eric Ries?

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 Eric Ries is a blogger, innovator and visionary. Eric is the founder of the Lean Startup theory, aimed at improving marketing functions and shortening product development cycles. He is also a bestselling author, writing a number of books on the lean approach, his most recent is The Startup Way.Eric Ries infront of a wall

 Why we love him

Eric is all about efficiency, his lean startup approach based around eliminating wasteful practices. He has acknowledged the fast-paced nature of business and how important it is to embrace new products and innovation. This is easily transferable to the MarTech Alliance and the wider marketing world, where the landscape changes rapidly.


  • Graduated from Yale with a Computer Sciences degree.
  • Serves on the advisory board of a number of technology startups, and has consulted to new and established companies as well as venture capital firms.
  • Previously co-founded and served as CTO of IMVU, his third startup.
  • In 2007, BusinessWeek named him one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs of Tech.
  • In 2009, he was honoured with a TechFellow award in the category of Engineering Leadership.
  • In 2010, he was named entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School and is currently an IDEO Fellow.
  • Founder and currently serving as CEO of the Long-Term Stock Exchange

Fun facts

  • Eric is often known as the Tech Evangelist, with his first book, The Lean Startup, often called the ‘Silicon Valley Bible’
  • His conferences reach such fervour, that Eric once adopted a fake preacher accent and exclaimed “Hallelujah” for every startup anecdote from the audience

Where to find out more

    • Theleanstartup.com: A website based around Eric Ries’ lean startup movement
    • Startuplessonslearned.com: Eric’s blog with anecdotes and interviews with start-up figures
    • Don’t forget to read his books, The Lean Startup and The Startup Way: How Modern Companies Use Entrepreneurial Management to Transform Culture and Drive Long-term Growth

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