Creating Multi-Channel Campaigns 101

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So, you’ve put energy into your creative campaign theme, but that’s only part of the journey. It will fall flat and not reach your highest potential targeted reach if you’re not strategically engaging with your audience in terms of where they are and how they like to receive content.

It’s more than a single social post or an ad—those two pieces should be just a couple of the many components in your multi-channel campaign, all working seamlessly together with a consistent, coordinated experience.


Targeted Display Advertising

You’ll deliver an experience that makes each prospect feel like they’re getting the VIP personalization treatment—because they are. And, you can coordinate this personalized, 1:1 experience across multiple channels


With precision targeting, transparent reporting, and retargeting, there’s never a question that you’ll be reaching the right people at the right time. In fact, retargeting can give you the opportunity to boost your click-through rate by up to 10x.

Email Signature Marketing

Your emails are extremely powerful. They also have the potential to either be one of your most effective engagement channels or extremely under-utilized. When you consider that the average employee sends more than 10,000 emails a year, that’s 10,000 opportunities to get important messaging in front of the right eyes. 

Web Personalization

You can turn every page on your website into a personalized experience for your visitors with content based on their account name, industry, account list, or opportunity stage. With the option to choose from modals, pop-ups, fly-ins, or banner experiences, you can deliver the right custom content to your prospects and then track within Google Analytics how they interact with that content.

Conversational Marketing

When you’re talking about the sweet spot for engaging potential buyers on your site in a way that fits their lifestyle and, frankly, 2021 buying tendencies, chat fits the bill. They’re able to interact with a highly intuitive bot that can determine how to best suit their needs and connect them quickly to the right person on your team for a meaningful interaction.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual targeting leverages a collection of keywords and phrases that scan ad site placements for textual content. This allows marketers to target their audiences with hyper-targeted messages alongside contextually relevant topics. 


The above tactics are key players in any multi-channel strategy. But, they’re not your only options. You can supplement any campaign with personalized email outreach or fun freebies through direct mail. At the end of the day, it’s all about meeting your target accounts where they already are and with exactly what they need.

Make it impossible for your prospects to avoid you, in all the best ways. You want to be top of mind when it comes time for them to purchase, and you want them to have all the information they can so they can buy in their own way. Why? Because, ultimately, buying their way is buying your way, too.