Who is Bernadette Jiwa?

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Bernadette Jiwa is an authority on business philosophy and brand storytelling. She helps notable brands and entrepreneurs tell the truth through their business, humanise processes and elevate their position in an extremely busy marketplace.

Bernadette Jiwa

Why we love her

Through her consultations and seven bestselling books, Bernadette has advocated for an alternative way to success. Rather than fixating on the competition, Bernadette pushes businesses to establish a sense of identity.

Ultimately, Bernadette wants businesses to refocus on how they communicate with customers. This should propel the collective prosperity for both sides of the customer experience.


    • Author of seven #1 Amazon Bestsellers
    • Created the marketing model The Fortune Cookie Principle™ and spoke about this and the secret to spreading ideas at TEDxPerth
    • Founded The Story of Telling and works as Brand Strategist and Brand Naming Consultant
    • The Story of Telling blog was voted Best Australian Business Blog in 2012
    • Founder of the Right Company, a digital hub for entrepreneurs to share ideas and expertise

Fun facts

      • Bernadette grew up in Dublin, Ireland, now lives in Melbourne, Australia with her two sons and husband
      • Bernadette's fascination with brand storytelling began at age 10 when she realised that the collectable stars on the packaging of her brother’s action man toys were just as valuable as the figurines inside

Where to find out more

      • Thestoryoftelling.com: Successful blog updated by Bernadette, with stories, case stories, consulting and various other resources
      • Don’t forget to read her ground-breaking and bestselling books:-
        • Story Driven: You Don’t Need To Compete When You Know Who You Are
        • Marketing: A Love Story: How To Matter To Your Customers
        • Meaningful: The Story Of Ideas That Fly
        • Difference: The One-Page Method For Re-imagining Your Business And Reinventing Your Marketing
        • Make Your Ideas Matter: Stand Out With A Better Story
        • The Fortune Cook Principle: The 20 Keys To A Great Brand Story And Why Your Business Needs One
        • Hunch: Turn Your Everyday Insights Into The Next Big Thing

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