Marketing Leaders Book Club

The first rule of the Marketing Leaders Book Club? Keep upgrading. 

Each month we're mailing a marketing & technology best-seller to an exclusive selection of fine, like-marketing-minded leaders.

And you could be one of them...

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The first rule of the Marketing Leaders Book Club? Keep upgrading.

We are committed to helping our community continuously upgrade their knowledge, skills, network companies and careers. This book club is just one way in which we aim to do that. 

There’s no catch, no fee, no initiation fight. But we can only select a limited number of applications to be accepted into the club. 

This series of our Marketing Leaders Book Club is brought to you by our friends, Treasure Data.

Treasure Data are all about helping you make better decisions. That doesn't mean telling you to swap out your 3rd coffee of the day for a kale and celery juice cleanser. That would be crazy talk. We're talking data-driven decisions that drive tangible results. 

This series you can expect a whole host of best-sellers exploring the lost art of decision making.

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