The Martech Report 22/23

Martech is more important than ever, and despite a more challenging economic situation in 2022, martech budgets are continuing to grow. The global market for Martech and Salestech is estimated to be worth $508.9bn.

As our latest State of Martech report finds organisations face a number of challenges around marketing technology. The biggest one is finding the skills and talent needed to drive martech initiatives.


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How Does Connected TV (CTV) Marketing Work?

Connected TV is, in basic terms, any device that is connected to a television to support video content and streaming. 

What is Dark Social, and Why Should I Care?

'Dark Social' is when users will share content via private channels, such as email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or text. Is it as spooky as it sounds?

How to Effectively Measure Email Marketing

Exploring what the metrics are, how to calculate them, how to use them, and how to turn them into actionable insights can impact your program

Combining Zero-party Data and Customer Loyalty in a Cookieless Era

As acquiring new customers becomes more difficult, companies should focus on their existing customers. 

Customer Data Management vs. Business Intelligence: Why These Should Not be Siloed

What’s the difference between Customer Data Management (CDM) vs. business intelligence platforms? Which platform provides the most actionable customer data insights?


Google Pushes Third-Party Cookie Demise to 2024: What This Means for You

Google's long promised move to block third-party cookies will now begin in the second half of 2024 — at least.

Financial Services Providers Need To Support Customers According To Their Evolving Needs

There’s a dichotomy in the behaviour of customers post-pandemic, but understanding your customers leads to business success.

Digital Marketing Transformation Roadmap: Your FAQs Answered

With 47% of organisations  having no digital transformation at all, and 59% expressing concern  that it may be too late for them to begin implementing digital transformation measures, it can seem like..

AntiConLX Global 2022 - How to Future-Proof Your Martech Stack

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Building and Scaling Your Brand Identity in a Digital World

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - A Consent-Driven Data Model: The What, The Why, and The How

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - The Power of Emotion in Personalisation

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - The State of Customer Experience 2022

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Benchmark and Make Strides in Your Marketing Automation Maturity

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

AntiConLX Global 2022 - Your Data Investment: Are You Failing to Maximise your Marketing ROI?

1st July 2022, AntiConLX 2022 On Demand

Three Creepy Examples of Personalisation, and How to Avoid The Trap

How do you provide personalisation, without creeping out your customers? So, how do you avoid the over-personalisation  trap? And which brands are doing personalisation wrong?

What Privacy Issues Will Haunt the Metaverse?

The metaverse is a complex space. So, any issues surrounding its implementation and use are bound to be equally tricky.

Data Privacy Best Practice Guide

We’ll outline the key issues around data privacy that marketers need to understand. This will include an examination of trends around data privacy and implications for the collection and management..

Top 3 Commonly Used Vanity Metrics to Always Avoid in Your Marketing

Vanity metrics aren't when you're meticulously combing your hair as you're figuring out your newsletter subscribers. They're something to be avoided at all cost.

ABM Best Practice Guide

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) has grown in popularity over the past few years, as marketers realise the effectiveness of a more focused alternative to other marketing approaches. 

The Future of Data in the Metaverse

The metaverse, and Web 3.0 , have an opportunity to start from scratch. How can this new industry avoid the mistakes of the past?

Martech Day 2022: The Release of the 2022 Supergraphic

Scott Brinker and Frans Riemersma, supported by LXA, give us a run down of the martech industry as a whole, and release the anticipated 2022 supergraphic.

Data and Privacy : Stats and Trends for 2022

Companies are beginning to feel the impact of this shift towards data privacy, with 97% saying they're planning to increase their spending on protecting consumer data. 

Ulisse Sarmiento on The Secret Ingredients to CX Excellence

Ulisse Sarmiento on The Secret Ingredients to CX Excellence

What is Google Analytics 4? Your FAQs Answered

What is Google Analytics 4? Your FAQs Answered

Martech WebSesh: The Secret Ingredients to CX Excellence: Data, Design & Delivery

Watch on demand: 30 minute online presentation followed by a 15 min speaker Q&A. 


Is Influencer Marketing the Answer to Increased Privacy Regulations?

92% of consumers say companies must be proactive about data protection, with 64% saying they would blame the company, and not the hacker.

The Art of Leveraging Commerce Data to Create Personalised, End-to-End Marketing Campaigns

big data can be intimidating to businesses. Whether you're experiencing inadequacy with data quality, literacy, or tools, it can be tough for both B2B and B2C companies to make headway with data. But..

How Will AI Transform Content?

Industry 5.0 is a new production model which focuses on the cooperation between humans and machines. It stands for the recognition that technological advances and human insight and creativity are..

New Report: Better Data-Driven Decision Making in the Age of Unpredictability

A new EMEA report says there's an increasing lack of leadership confidence & an increasing “fear of messing up. Can more data-driven decision making help?

Google Announces Plans to Phase Out Universal Analytics by 2023

Google will be phasing out Universal Analytics by 2023, in favour of Google Analytics 4.

Acxiom Real Identity Integrates with Sitecore To Help Brands Create Known Identities, Deliver Real-Time Decisioning And Web Personalisation.

Acxiom, the customer intelligence company whose data-driven solutions create business growth by enabling better customer experiences, today announced that Acxiom Real Identity is now integrated with..

Consumers are Fighting to Regain Control of Their Data

...and it's costing marketers more than they think. It's been four years since GDPR brought marketers face-to-face with the reality of data privacy. In that time, the role of the marketer has changed..

How To Scale Zero Party Data

Within the last few years especially, consumers have been growing more and more aware about how their data is gathered, stored, and used. This has meant that companies are having to change their data..

Jay Baer on The Definition of Data Driven Marketing Excellence

Jay Baer on The Definition of Data Driven Marketing Excellence

AntiConLX DialUp B2C: The Definition of Data Driven Marketing Excellence

Check out the session on demand


Growth Hacking: Stats and Trends for 2022

Some key growth hacking statistics and trends for 2022. Check out how to growth hack, and how to become a growth hacker, through case studies and industry trends.

AntiConLX DialUp with Scott Galloway

Catch the session on demand


Funding the Future Web: What Next After Third-Party Cookies?

Alex Hazell, head of EMEA legal at Acxiom, discusses what the future holds for the web, as third-party cookies are set to be replaced

Retail And Ecommerce Brands Considered Extremely Ahead of The Curve™

Maturity is hard to measure. Especially when it comes to customer engagement strategies. So, in order to help brands develop further, Braze developed a propriety framework, based on organisation and..

The 13 Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

NFTs have created a new form of exchange. This new economy offers freedom and decentralisation for creators, artists, and even brands.

Marketing Leaders Dinner - London

16th November

Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation.


Marketing Leaders Dinner for Martech Vendors

17th Nov 2022

The martech vendors growth playbook: Insights & actions to drive your 2023 growth. Join us for an exclusive evening of fine dining, fine wine and fine marketing conversation.


Salestech: Stats and Trends for 2022

What does the current and future salestech landscape look like? Here's some statistics and trends to help you figure it out.

Five Future Trends From the 2022 Super Bowl Commercials

Brands have gone beyond the mundane this super bowl. Instead, they've started looking towards the future. This year's commercials hyped emerging industries, like electric vehicles, the metaverse, and..

2022 Super Bowl Ads: The Winners (and Losers)

The Super Bowl is the biggest event of the year for advertisers. In 2021, the average cost for ad space reached $5.6 million on average for a 30-second slot. Find out who the winners, and losers..

Acxiom Partners with Treasure Data to Future-Proof Cookieless Prospect Marketing

This new integration between Acxiom & Treasure Data enables brands to bridge the gap between paid and owned media for a full-funnel view in a future cookie-less world.

How is Data Transforming Super Bowl Marketing?

The Super Bowl has been one of the biggest marketing events for decades. But the use of data has bought it into the 21st century. The thing is we've got a couple of issues.

IAB Europe's Cookie Consent Framework Breaches GDPR Rules

In a move which has huge potential implications for the online ad industry, the Belgian Data Protection Authority (DPA) has ruled that IAB Europe's cookie consent framework violates GDPR. 

Who Do You Need to Hire For Your Metaverse Team?

Who Do You Need to Hire For Your Metaverse Team? With meta hiring 10,000 metaverse roles for the development of the metaverse. Who will companies need to hire?

Why is Zero Party Data the Future?

Zero party data is a window into how privacy and customer experience will work in the future. Zero party data is when a customer willingly and proactively shares information with a company. This..

Super Bowl Marketing: Stats and Trends for 2022

Who are the winners and losers in the Super Bowl advertising space? Here's some statistics and trends to help you figure it out.

The History of Acquia

We look at the rise of Acquia from 2005 to the present day.

The History of Thunderhead

A big hitter in the software game, Thunderhead have become a recognised leader in the customer engagement and customer journey orchestration market since their founding in 2001. We explore the last..

Top 10 NFTs Created by Brands

Brands, both old and new, are creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to connect with their audience. But who's doing it best? Here's the Top 10 NFTs Created by Brands You Can Buy Right Now

What's The Difference Between Web 1.0, Web 2.0, And Web 3.0?

What is Web 3.0? Well, you can't begin to understand the third one, without understanding what came before it. So, what is Web 1.0? What is Web 2.0? And what will the web look like in the future?

Customer Satisfaction, Data & the Post-Pandemic Recovery

BERLIN (Reuters) -Germany's cartel office said it was examining Google's use of personal data and its Google News Showcase product under its new powers to

Why B2B Marketers Must Plan for a Cookie-less Future

B2B Marketers must prepare for a cookie-less future. Why? Well, because that's audiences demand. Discover what you need to know here.

Interview - Marketing Book Club - 'Data Story' - Nancy Durate

An overview of what makes the perfect data story cocktail. A focus on empathy.


Stop Procrastinating and Start Planning Your Post-Cookie Marketing Strategy

Yes, the death of third-party cookies has been delayed. No, savvy brands shouldn't procrastinate and just wait to see what happens. It's time to act!

A CMO's Guide To CDPs: Achieving A Unified Customer Experience

This field borrows heavily from the agile software development framework, which was popularized by the 2001 Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Agile software development emphasizes..

How Can Marketers Overcome the Data Trust Gap?

Providing excellent customer experience requires the effective use of customer data, yet consumers aren't always willing to trust companies with their personal info. 

Data is essential for companies..

A CMO's guide to CDPs: The four elements of a CDP

What constitutes a customer data platform (CDP) and what essential elements are required from a system to meet the demands of modern marketing?

Scott Brinker: From Big Data to Big Ops

We are in an era moving away from big data, to the era of big ops. So, how do we go from big data, with a scale and complexity of data collected, stored and analysed, to big ops, with the scale and..

How to Use Personalisation Without Cookies

Personalised cookies involve those giant Millie's ones with the name "DAVE" on it. Cookies without personalisation is a whole new kettle of fish.

A recent survey from McKinsey found that 90% of..

Exploring CDP Implementation and Optimization

The advertising ecosystem has been upended and continues to shift, thanks in part to Google's plans to deprecate third-party cookies,


Acxiom Builds Innovative Marketing Platform for Toyota’s Move Away From Cookies

Press Release

New solution focuses on accelerating growth through first-party data-driven customer acquisition and retention strategies for Toyota and Lexus in the United States

Conway, Ark...

Customer Data Platform Treasure Data Raises $234 Million

In a funding round led by SoftBank Corp, customer data platform (CDP) Treasure Data has secured $234m. 

This makes it the largest-ever funding round for a CDP. The investment is led by SoftBank Corp..

Why Clean Data is Essential for Your Marketing

Yuck! Is that your data you've left lying around? Ugh, it's all mouldy. And what's this? More data under the bed? Right, it's time to clean all this up.

Marketing data is used to give marketers a..

SparkPost Product Updates to Accommodate Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection

As you have likely heard (and may be stressing about), Apple really rocked the email world when they announced in June that they were planning to anonymize open activity for their email users.

Case study: The economist martech strategy

SUPERNOVA: Centralised Data Platforms blow sh*t up at The Economist


How to use data to enhance creativity and storytelling

Christine Bailey discusses the importance of using data to enhance our storytelling. Smart marketers blend data and insights to enhance creativity and storytelling. 


CDPs - Marketing Platforms vs Pure Play - How do you decided which CDP is best for you?

CDP, customer data platform, data driven, SCV, omnichannel

Increase advertising spend efficiency through conversion rate prediction 

20% of keywords never generated a conversion. This represents 22% of our spend in 2019 for paid search. This presentation looks at how to increase spend on advertising effectively. 


Customer Data Platforms in Action

A 3 people panel discusses the excitement of MarTech and the process of getting the best for a business 


Data & analytics - Test, Learn, Build, Repeat. Marketers Building for the Future

Fabio talks about the importance of having an agile approach to marketing.


Data as a Force For Good: A Chat About the Ethical Use of Data in Tech

Putting the customer at everything you do and the use of data for good.


Supernova: Centralised Data Platforms blow sh*t up at The Economist

How social media can support your marketing in a post GDPR world



The missing piece of your martech puzzle: a CDP

Look at how a CDP can help us understand the customer experience and benefit your company. 


CDPs - Architecting your data to your omnichannel delivery

With Harish Kundari, Martech & Digital Lead ASEAN/APAC - Coca-Cola

Managing Data Privacy - Legal + Marketing Technology

This presentation looks at data privacy and how you can manage your data privacy.


Predicting the Un-predictable: Strategies to Engage & Win with AI

A better understanding of AI technology and how they can be used.


The ingredients to successfully driving omnichannel personalisation at scale


The 3 R's of Data Conflation

Data is not only the language of computing and of business, increasingly it's the language of life, every day.

Supercharge Your Marketing Strategy: Top Tips to Acquire Customers

One of the most important journeys for digital brands is how new prospects and customers are introduced to your products or services. Read all about how to start supercharging your acquisition..

The Top Reasons Why Martech Isn't Impacting Business Performance: Part 2 - Measurement and Marketing Attribution

Reflecting that the top uses of MarTech currently are campaign management/reporting and basic e-marketing, it’s not surprising that measurement focuses almost exclusively on marketing impact.

Webinar: how DAM can power engaging digital experience that build strong brands

Over here at The MarTech Alliance, we were lucky enough to be joined by the lovely Bynder, who hosted a webinar on The new content & creative engine for a digital first world - how DAM can power..

4 Truths and No Lies about Digital Media Measurement

Measuring results comparing test and control groups provides the clear proof of media campaigns’ impact on the bottom line.

The State of B2C Data-Driven Marketing Research Report - German Edition

The Top Reasons Why MarTech Isn't Impacting Business Performance: Part 1 Systems Integration, Resource, and Budgets

When seeking to answer the question ‘How can MarTech impact business growth?’, we’ve drawn on our own experiences and the results from an industry survey* to discuss whether it is possible.

UNKNOWN + KNOWN: Analytics As A Step In The Path Toward Personalisation

What role does analytics play in marketing? What can analytics add to a holistic marketing strategy combining panel-based and people-based marketing?

What Does AI Mean for Data Management in Marketing?

With NFTs bringing in $2.4B in the second quarter of 2021 alone, which is not even accounting for off-chain sales, it's not looking like a passing fad. What might this mean for creators, and the..

How Can MarTech Impact Business Growth?

While MarTech can be the catalyst behind digital transformation, it is often still evaluated and implemented on the merit of its ability to grow Marketing engagement KPIs.

Web Sesh: The Power of Unified Data: Personalising a Seamless Customer Experience

Customer data is at the center of delivering a personalised, seamless customer experience. However, often customer data is locked within various silos and business units. Join us as we explore how a..

How the Acquia Demand Generation Team Uses a CDP to Do More, Better and Faster

How our demand generation marketing team uses a customer data platform (CDP) to connect with customers at scale.

Help! Should I Buy or Build my Customer Data Platform?

73% of companies report that a CDP is critical to their customer experience effort. Plus, 47% of respondents reported that they will increase their CDP budget by more than 25% in the next five years...

What Is a 360 Degree Customer View?

It's a phrase which is often used in the industry, and was previously a kind of Holy Grail for marketers, but what do we mean when we talk about a 360 view of the customer? 

Panel-Based Versus People-Based Marketing: Finding The Right Strategy For A Successful Customer Experience

A question at many companies concerns the expectations for results delivered by two marketing strategies and how much focus to place on each of them once the pandemic has ended.

Three Ways Blockchain Is Changing Digital Marketing

Blockchain is a big deal, and a bigger market. In fact, it's projected to hit over $23.3 Billion by 2023, and $176 Billion by 2025. And on the other side, digital advertising is predicted to grow to..

How to Evaluate if You Need a CDP

Do you know your customers, or are you missing out on potential revenue? Evaluate if you need a customer data platform (CDP) with these questions.

How, Why, and When to Use Snapchat for Business

Snapchat has over 249 million users, all around the world. The format was, and remains, so popular that bigger, established platforms like Facebook and Instagram have adopted similar features...

NFTs and Their Role in The Creator Economy

With NFTs bringing in $2.4B in the second quarter of 2021 alone, which is not even accounting for off-chain sales, it's not looking like a passing fad. What might this mean for creators, and the..

Five Quick Ways to Avoid the Dreaded Spam Filter

According to estimates, there are over 180 BILLION spam emails sent a day. That's billion with a B. Plus, nearly 85% of all emails are spam.

How to Prepare for MAP Migration: Your Six Step Action Plan

This  blog offers you an action plan to guide you through the six steps you need to take with MAP migration. 

The Marketers Roadmap To Success In The Cookieless Future: 3 Things You Should Know

In a cookieless climate where customer consent is front and centre, how can marketers optimise their first-party data strategy?

CDPs, DMPs and CRMs: Do I Need One (Or All Three)?

CDP vs DMP vs CRM – what is the difference between them, what do they do and do I need one (or all three), with Neill Brookman from TreasureData

Five Eye-Catching Examples of Cookie Banners

While the intent of most cookie banners are the same, i.e. to get a user's consent to keep collecting and analysing their data and behaviour on the site, the execution can differ wildly. 

WTF Is Unstructured Data, and Is It the Future of Data Management?

According to the latest figures, the volume of unstructured data is set to grow from 33 zettabytes in 2019 to 175 zettabytes, or 175 Billion terabytes, by 2025. That's an unfathomable amount

What, Why, How of Data Privacy for Marketers

A guide for managing data privacy while creating effective marketing, with details of related legislation, and how technology can help you to manage customer data.

How to Personalise Your Marketing Without Being Creepy

It's quite the conundrum. Customers want personalised content, but they don't want me to go through their bins to find out what brand of deodorant they're using?! The contradictions are endless. 

Top Tips for Tidying Data: Your MAP Migration Checklist

It’s not an easy decision to move Marketing Automation platforms, so when migrating to a new system it’s important to get it as right as possible from the start.

4 Steps to Implementing a Reactivation Campaign

When a customer leaves you, not all is lost. Our data shows that it is on average 10 times cheaper to reactivate a lapsed customer than it is to acquire a new one. Reactivation programs for lapsed..

How to Use Video in Your Event Marketing: Before, During and After

Video is 600% more effective than print and direct mail combined, and 1200% times more likely to be shared than links and text combined, according to Forrester. But it's a trick surprisingly..

Customer Experience: Stats and Trends for 2021

The best way to understand and exploit Customer Experience is to know the relevant stats and trends, so you can improve your own!

Zero, First, Second, and Third Party Data: What's the Difference?

Where should you focus your data-related intentions? What data, when collected, has a good balance of quality, reach, and customer trust? 

What, Why, How of Digital Out of Home Advertising

This year, digital out-of-home advertising is forecasted to capture 40% of OOH ad spending, making out of home (OOH) the only traditional advertising category that's still growing strong. 

The Growth of the Experience Economy

Basically, the experience economy is, as Harvard Business Review suggests, when a "company intentionally uses services as the stage, and goods as props, to engage individual customers in a way that..

Three Ways to Map Marketing Automation to your Business Scenarios

One of the most common mistakes with Marketing Automation implementations is to put technology decisions at the forefront of driving change, without understanding what the outcomes need to be.

What Is Zero Party Data and How Can You Use It?

Zero party data is when a customer willingly and proactively shares information with a company. This might include product preferences, personal details and context, or how they want to be identified..

Down to the Crunch: Third-Party Cookie Alternatives for When the Cookie Crumbles

Google's announcement that it will phase out third-party cookies on Chrome by 2022 shook stuff up.

What, Why, How of 'Interactive Voice Experience'

More than 55% of US adults own smart speakers, or home products. 45 million use them every day, and 70 million at least monthly. How can marketers use this boom? But first, let's find out:

How UCAS Resolved Web Stability Issues Around Admissions Time Using Acquia

Gaining a university or higher education place is one of the most exuberant moments in life. To make it all happen in the UK, UCAS processes over 3 million applications from some 765,000 prospective..

Core Concepts of Predictive Marketing: Using Look-alike Targeting

Look-alike targeting is a predictive analytics technique that can help you reach your ideal customer.

How the Low Code/ No Code Movement Helps Marketers

Forrester expects the no-code/low-code market to reach a staggering $21.2 Billion by 2022. In an era where digital transformation and innovation play a critical role in organisational growth,..

Top Tips for Migrating your Marketing Automation Platform

Transitioning from one technology platform to another will always come with some pain points and teething troubles, the key to success lies in planning ahead and being prepared to mitigate these as..

Be A Better Field Guide - 5 Strategies For Helping Others Navigate The Martech Jungle

A good field guide can help people not familiar with the complexities of the martech landscape better understand the positive business impacts a solid data and technology strategy can deliver. But it..

CDPs, DMPs, CRMs. What's the Difference?

73% of companies report that a CDP will be critical to their customer experience effort. But what is a CDP, and how do they differ from DMPs, and CRMs?

Know Your Customers Better in 2021 with the Power of Receipt Data

Receipt processing technology is an alternative to traditional data collection and helps you learn more about your customers for personalization.

Migrating your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) - BluprintX

How easy would it be for you to migrate to a new marketing automation platform (MAP)? Find out about it in this article.

The State of B2C Data-Driven Marketing Research Report

3 Signs You've Hit the Limits of Your Existing Marketing Automation Platform

For anyone who’s gone from the pain of using spreadsheets to coordinate campaigns, manage budgets and report on results, marketing automation (when implemented and used effectively), rapidly..

Internet of Things: Three Brands who are the VIPs of IoT

IoT devices can gain a bunch of useful data, which can be used in a number of different ways. The convenience they provide, and the novelty they have, means IoT devices have been embraced by the..

Three Key Benefits of Data Driven Email Marketing

How do you avoid wasting your email marketing? These e-miracles are the most effective marketing channel hands down; for every $1 spent, you can expect a ROI of $51. And with more than 290 billion..

South Western Railway Chooses Acxiom and Tealium to Transform its CX

Both the pandemic and GDPR regulation have changed the way the travel industry understands and interacts with its customers. As the industry enters its recovery, South Western Railway chose Acxiom..

What Does Apple's New IOS Privacy Update Mean for Marketers?

Apple's new iOS 14.5 update and app tracking transparency feature will change the way marketers can access and use customer data.  

The Path to CX Individualization in the Age of AI

Optimizely is all about data-driven decisions. But, as Joey points out in his latest webinar for AntiConLX DialUp (Mini), 1/3rd of the companies employees are all there to work directly with..

2021 CX Trends & Insights Research Report

2021 CX Trends & Insights Research Report


Delivering exceptional customer experience is the key to remaining competitive in 2021 and beyond. 

We're Bring CX-y Back: How and When to Measure Customer Experience

CX is basically all about identifying the ingredients to success. It's a little bit of customer trust, and pinch of user interface, a dash of user experience, a tablespoon of KPIs, with a data..

3 Reasons to Reconsider your Marketing Automation Platform

If you’re already one of the millions of businesses worldwide who have made the move to marketing automation, you’re already one step ahead of the ones that are lagging behind the modern..

Five Best Practice Tips for Successful Webinars

Webinars have never been more important than now in how we interact in a digital-first world. How can you make your webinar stand out?

Acxiom Makes Sense of Google's Delay

Yes, the tech titan has announced its Chrome browser will continue to allow third-party cookies until late 2023, but that doesn’t mean brands should get complacent. A first-party identity graph..

Internet of Things: A Beginner's Guide

What is The Internet of Things and how can marketers use it to deliver more relevant messaging to customers?

How Marketers Can Prioritise Consumer Privacy

Consumer privacy is all important, but data can mean a better customer experience. How businesses can balance privacy and the use of customer data,

4 Reasons Why You Need To Integrate Google Analytics And Marketo ASAP

With Marketo being such a robust marketing automation platform, and Google Analytics being the beast that it is, you might expect them to offer some type of out-of-the-box,..

Marketing & Data Privacy Are Changing Radically - Here's How to Handle That

New data privacy policies from Google and Apple could rock marketers' world. Acxiom and Treasure Data help you adjust and thrive.

Google Defers Demise of Third-Party Cookies on Chrome

Google has decided to delay the phasing out of third party cookies in Google Chrome, promising this will now take place in mid 2023.

Acxiom And Mullenlowe Profero Launch Fuse An End-To-End Owned Channel Personalisation Solution

Acxiom and MullenLowe Profero have partnered to launch ‘Fuse’, a Customer Data Platform led, owned-channel personalisation solution for marketing. Brands will be able to provide more valuable..

Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Digital Marketing Attribution - BluprintX

You can't afford to ignore digital marketing attribution, it needs to be used to drive growth and success in 2021 and beyond

Benefits of a Customer Data Platform and Tips to Optimise your CDP

Marketers who are looking to limit achieve a unified, omnichannel approach are looking towards CDPs. So what are the benefits and how can it be optimised?

Three Practical Principles for Being Data-Driven

The innovative use of data and technology will define your future or undoing. A strong statement, but one that is necessary if we are going to challenge our industry, brands and ourselves to become..

What's the Difference Between First-Party and Third-Party Data? A Marketer’s Guide

Digital advertisers have long relied on third-party cookie data to track web activity. However, these methods are becoming obsolete as the demand for greater data privacy forces marketers to adapt..

Be Data-Driven or Be Displaced

Companies that believe they are what they sell are quickly being displaced by those that see themselves not just as a product, a service or a solution provider but as data-driven customer problem..

What is the Difference Between First-Party and Zero-Party Data?

What is the difference between first- and zero-party data? As third-party cookies are phased out, you’re likely hearing more and more talk about first-party data. And if you’re in the marketing..

CDP vs DMP what is the difference?

The independent CDP Institute explains CDPs vs. DMPs, how each works, and which is best for a variety of marketing use cases and applications.

What is Preference Management?

What is preference management? Preference management combines data privacy and customer choice to empower users to manage brand communications.  Other benefits include organizational compliance,..

Truly Data-Driven: Practical applications of data (and do you need a data and analytics team?)

What makes a person, organization, or company truly data-driven? This newsletter explores how data can be used to drive decision-making, action, and results. We’ll feature people, content, and..

A Data-First, Customer-Driven Approach to Digital Transformation

What's the goal of digital transformation? You could say it's to automate your supply chain, increase efficiency, or reduce customer wait time. But those are not end goals.

What is Customer Management, and Why is it so Important?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways people engage with brands and how they expect brands to engage with them. Read how.

Managing Data Privacy - Legal + Marketing Technology

Since the introduction of the GDPR, and the CCPA in the USA, limitations have been placed on the types of data companies can utilise. So, companies must find ways to keep their martech stack going...

Data Smart: Considering Your Data Gathering Strategy

Before amassing an enviable data hoard that would make the Ghenghis Khan of data jealous, there are several considerations, including privacy, data value, ability to action, and ability to facilitate..

David Keens on How the Identity Space is Evolving

David Keens, Principal Marketing Technologist at Acxiom, explores how the identity space is evolving, what new technologies are emerging in today’s changing consumer landscape, and how identity..

Examining Various Use Cases for a CDP

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) address the need for a single customer view across data and marketing channels. Many vendors have entered the CDP space very quickly. As a result, there is confusion..

Investment managers Schroders talk scaling creative operations across 30+ markets with Bynder

We recently caught up with Schroders’ Bozena Ellis, Senior Brand Manager, and Farzana Ali, Creative Service Manager, to get a glimpse into their experiences with Bynder. With both directly involved..

A Marketer's Why, What and When using Mobile Data

Customers don’t just want engaging mobile experiences, they expect them. Beyond the abundance of statistics that could be shared on consumer mobile habits that assert the importance of being..

Tap into Data to Drive Birthday and Milestone Campaigns

Everyone loves moments when a family member or friend remembers something about you and shares that with you, like a birthday, anniversary, or memory. Those moments are meaningful ways to connect..

The Customer Data Platform: An Acxiom Point of View

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) address the need for a single customer view across data and marketing channels. Many vendors have entered the CDP space very quickly. 

Using Data & Technology to Create a Personalised Customer Experience

At its best, CX is a smooth, omnichannel interaction between a person and a brand; personalized to deliver contextually relevant information to the right person at the right time – about the..

2021 is The Year of The CDP

A customer data platform (CDP) is critical for creating personalised digital customer experiences. Here's why 2021 is the year of the CDP.

Retailers Must Prepare to Scale in the Post-Covid Commerce Boom

How Acquia's customer data platform helped retailers deal with new demands of digital commerce in 2020 and in a post-COVID landscape.

What Comes After Third-Party Cookies? By OneTrust PreferenceChoice

Third-party cookies are about to crumble and it’s going to change the game for the marketing industry. So, what comes after third-party cookies? OneTrust sheds some light on everything marketers,..

Building a Marketing Data Team for Success. Go Far with Aligned Skills, Focus, and Structure

When teams and tech systems are siloed or fragmented, that means valuable customer data may also be. Learn how the right team can make a difference.

Customer Data Platform, Tealium Brings Home $96 Million

Tealium have just announced a whopper of a funding round, bringing home $96 million for the customer data platform.

CDPs Continue to Boom as Bloomreach Acquires Exponea

The CDP momentum is picking up speed with major acquisitions. The latest: Exponea have been acquired by Bloomreach.

CDP Vs. CRM: What's the Difference and Why Do I Need One?

CDPs and CRMs are both big players in the martech world. But how do they size up? Do you need a CDP and CRM? And can you use a CRM to do what a CDP does?

Zero-Party Data: An Explainer

Zero-party data is here and it's one of the best ways to connect with customers. Learn more about zero-party data and how we collect it.

What a CMO Needs to Know to Choose the Right Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Acquia CMO, Lynne Capozzi, shares what capabilities marketing leaders need when choosing a customer data platform (CDP).

Data-Driven Engagement for Modern Marketers

This eBook will help forward-thinking marketers develop the business case for leveraging a platform that harmonizes all customer data, from whatever touchpoint into a single source of truth where..

A Marketer's Guide to Zero-Party Data

Creating Personalised, Relevant Experience in the Digital Age. Find out what zero-party data is, why it matters, and how brands are collecting and using it with Cheetah Digital solutions, download..

Why You Should Make Room in Your Stack for a CDP

Rather than seeing a CDP as an addition to your stack, start seeing CDPs as the glue that connects your stack together. A CDP could be the solution to integrating and connecting your customer data.

5 Ways Your Data Will Help You Build an Amazing Customer Experience

Discover 5 ways your data will help you build an amazing customer experience with Andrew Stephenson, Director of Marketing for EMEA & India at Treasure Data

The Different Flavours of a CDP

Apoorv Durga delivers another knock-out sesh: “The Different Flavours of a CDP” at AntiConLX DialUp Series 2

Why Did Twilio Acquire Segment?

Let’s dive into what Twilio's latest acquisition of Segment really means for the platform.

Could Your Data be the Key to Delivering an Amazing Customer Experience?

Only by fully understanding your customers, their needs, their behaviours, their priorities and what they want from your brand - can you design an amazing customer journey.

CDP Buyer's Guide

DP Buyer Guide

Your step by step guide to Customer Data Platforms



Martech Web Sesh - A Marketers Guide: Privacy, Consent, and Personalisation in the Modern Privacy Era

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A Marketers Guide: Privacy, Consent, and Personalisation in the Modern Privacy Era

With privacy protocols and data regulations lurking around every corner, the modern-day marketer has been forced to re-think the way they communicate with their customer.

Why Centralising & Unifying Data is Mission Critical

In this digital age data is key for any modern-day marketer. But is simply collecting data as you go enough to keep up with this rapidly evolving industry?

In an Age of Vanity Metrics, When it Comes to ROI - Measure What Matters

While vanity metrics can provide useful insights into the success of your content, these numbers should not be tied into ROI.

Why CDPs Have Become a Core Pillar of a Marketer's Stack

CDPs (Customer Data Platforms) are emerging to become at the heart of every marketer's stack, rather than just another addition.

Twitter's Not Looking Too Chirpy

Twitter forced to face up to their security issues. From hacks to a potential $250 million fine. Could a subscription model be the answer?

The Big Tech Execs get a grilling from the Antitrust Hearing

Tech giant CEOs from Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google testified before congress following investigations from U.S. federal state Antitrust Officials.

Why We're All in the Business of Trust

In 2020, as people around the world struggle with their governments, Big Tech, social media and – simply put – each other, we’re all looking for a little trust.

What Dr Seuss Can Teach us About MarTech and Ethics

In the current COVID-19 environment, I have found myself spending more time dissecting Dr Seuss’ coded messages. Here are 5 learnings I got from the book.

IKEA Uses Data Intelligence to Prepare for Multi-channel Growth

Click to find out how Adverity helped IKEA create an easier and more streamlined way to collect and store data.

Automated Data Integrations Case Study

Click to find out how Adverity improved MediaCom's efficiency in client reporting & analytics by a whopping 75%.

The Trouble With Dashboards

If your dashboard is a presenting metrics like email click through rates or Open Rates it needs either a comparative measure (STLY, industry benchmark etc…) or a target that your aiming for or..