Mastering the Sales Game: Proven Strategies for boosting sales performance

In 2023, the economic headwinds are compelling companies to do more with less by driving predictable revenue across sales, renewals, expansion and marketing through transparency and execution rigour. Through good times and bad, sales never get easier or more forgiving a trade. Organisations have the opportunity to become stronger and more resilient. Enablement and revenue leadership must lean into strengths, thrive during harsh buying conditions, and return to pre-crisis mode faster.

Join us to understand how to master the sales game, thrive, and build Revenue Resilient organisations that will optimise productivity and boost sales performance without losing key talent.

In this session, we share insights on:
  • How training, content, performance in the field and coaching can drive rep productivity and readiness
  • How sales enablement can play a pivotal role by being an enabler and boosting rep performance by moving away from being a cost centre to a profit centre
  • Learn about your business's most influential technology solutions and gain insights to help you make informed decisions.



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