What exactly is brand governance and enablement? And how do you master it?

It used to be pretty easy to ‘control’ brand consistency before digital channels became the primary avenue for connecting with customers. Companies could hire a single brand manager to take control of their projects, and every customer-facing campaign, product, and communication received their approval before going out the door.

But in today’s world, that ‘top-down’ approach to brand governance simply isn’t possible. Companies need to publish more content faster to keep their brand top of mind. And with more digital channels than ever, the old brand governance approach is impossible to scale.

As workloads increase, brand managers either spend their days picking which campaigns they can ignore, or creating backlogs that affect the whole organization. Teams are left waiting in the queue or forced to take shortcuts to complete and publish their projects on time. 

Companies need to make changes to the way they govern their brands. 

In this session, we explore how you can take a modern approach to brand governance and management in your organisation.


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