Who is Kevin Kelly?

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Kevin Kelly is best known for his expansive career as a founding executive editor of Wired magazine and for being a prolific author and artist. He also has the most "sci-fi professor in a steampunk alternate reality" look of anyone we've ever seen. A TLDR; of this article - he's a cool guy.

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Kevin has written several books, including Out of Control and The Inevitable, in addition to contributing to various technology magazines such as Cool Tools and Quantified Self. He also leads the All Species Foundation, which seeks to catalogue and protect endangered species.

Kevin was born in Pennsylvania but moved to California during the 1970s where he got involved in various tech-related projects. Through his father, an executive for Time who used systems analysis in his work, he developed an early interest in cybernetics. He worked as an editor at various magazines, including the Whole Earth Catalog and Whole Earth Review.

"The more interconnected a technology is, the more opportunities it spawns for both use and misuse.“

His career began as an editor for Whole Earth Review, a publication devoted to sustainability and self-sufficiency. From there, Kevin went on to launch Wired magazine with Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe in 1993. During his time as executive editor at Wired, Kevin wrote several influential pieces such as "New Rules for the New Economy" and "The Long Boom". He also coined terms like “quantified self” which became buzzwords of that era.

Kevin has gone on to author numerous books, some of which focus on technology, while others explore topics such as ecology and the environment. His artwork has also been showcased in galleries around the world. In addition to his writing and artistic pursuits, Kevin is also committed to preserving endangered species through the All Species Foundation, a non-profit organization he founded in 1998.

In addition to being a writer and tech expert, Kevin is also a sought-after speaker and an acclaimed photographer. He has many exhibitions of his work that have been featured in galleries around the world, including one at the Smithsonian American Art Museum.

Kevin is also a visual artist who has exhibited works in galleries throughout the world. His artwork often focuses on themes of artificial intelligence, robotics, and new technology. He is also the founder of the collaborative art project Cool Tools Lab which uses digital technologies to bring together international artists from around the world.

“Extrapolated, technology wants what life wants:
Increasing efficiency
Increasing opportunity
Increasing emergence
Increasing complexity
Increasing diversity
Increasing specialization
Increasing ubiquity
Increasing freedom
Increasing mutualism
Increasing beauty
Increasing sentience
Increasing structure
Increasing evolvability”

 Kevin Kelly, What Technology Wants


He also speaks regularly at events related to technology, ecology, sustainability and the future of humanity.

Kevin believes that technology should be used to make life better for people and to preserve biodiversity on Earth. His book Out of Control provides a fascinating look into how technologies like artificial intelligence and robotics can transform our lives. Kevin was also awarded the prestigious Heinz Award, recognizing individuals who demonstrate exceptional creativity, leadership and commitment to making a difference in their communities.

Overall, Kevin Kevin is a great example of an innovative thinker who isn’t afraid to push boundaries when it comes to exploring the future potential of technology. His career as a writer, artist, and tech expert has opened up many interesting possibilities for the world. His work has helped to shape the way people think about tech!

“If AI can help humans become better chess players, it stands to reason that it can help us become better pilots, better doctors, better judges, better teachers.”

 Kevin Kelly, The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future