Torchy's Tacos: The Customer Engagement Suite Difference

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Torchys Tacos

From Dallas to Denver, Rogers to Rayleigh, Boulder to Baton Rouge, Torchy’s Tacos has been fuelling fiery foodies with “damn good” tacos for over 15 years. From humble beginnings, zipping around Austin with a food trailer, to almost 100 locations scattered across the United States, Torchy’s Tacos boasts a legion of uber-loyal customers guests who love the brand’s mantra of fast casual, authentic, scratch-based tasty tacos.

Aside from making sure everything that leaves the kitchen is made-to-order, Torchy’s philosophy is rooted in treating their guests (not customers) as part of the family, and deliver rewards and loyalty initiatives that reflect that.



Loyalty That Goes Beyond A Free Taco On Your Tenth Visit

True loyalty, where a customer picks your brand over a competitor irrespective of price is about more than a free taco every ten visits, or complementary guac if you’ve downloaded the dedicated app. 

The Cheetah Customer Engagement Suite, with it’s comprehensive loyalty capabilities empowers Torchy’s to optimize its digital, social, mobile, and physical channels to deliver a better guest experience, and offer a next-generation emotional loyalty program that “surprises and delights” its customers, and recognizes, rewards, and engages them in a personalized manner.

The program can deliver intelligent rewards making every guest feel like they have a one-to-one relationship with the brand and are not purely part of a large cohort. That may be “lunch is on us today,” a free taco-junkie t-shirt, or intimate events like margarita tasting or concerts that truly build that community and personal connection with each and every member.

Making Mobile the Nucleus of Communication 

In today's digital and interconnected world, the importance of tailoring marketing efforts so they are
mobile-first, rather than merely mobile-responsive cannot be overstated. Consumers interact with an average of six digital touchpoints when engaging with a restaurant brand. Whether that be content on social media, payment through wallet, offers from SMS or email, to name but a few — principally however, all these touchpoints can be directly accessed through mobile. 

Torchy's has a QR code integrated into their dedicated app which removes friction and makes it seamless for the customer to order, collect points and receive personalized offers. Another upside is Torchy’s can gather vast amounts of guest data, preference insights, and behavioural data to no longer infer, but anticipate what its customer is likely to do next. What menu items they like, have never tried, their favourite sides and so on - empowering the brand to “surprise and delight” with its rewards.

Why The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite?

The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite was built for marketers, to empower them to deliver personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging and loyalty programs that add value to your customer relationships. Torchy’s is focusing on acquisition, and collection of the permissions to engage with its guests as we all move away from third-party data. “We needed a partner who could be there and hold our hand through helping with the execution as we slowly move the needle over time.”