SAP to Acquire Emarsys to Boost Customer Experience Business

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SAP, a leading cloud business software company is set to acquire Emarsys, the omnichannel customer engagement platform for an undisclosed amount.

SAP Emarsys

This isn’t the first time SAP has shown an interest in customer experience acquisitions, as back in 2018 the cloud business software company acquired American Experience Management Company, Qualtrics for $8 billion.

Emarsys deliver the predictable, profitable outcomes that meet business demands and delivers the highly personalised omnichannel experiences for customers. They aim to accelerate business outcomes through industry-specific analytics and use cases built into the platform.

Founded in 2000, Emarsys has raised more than $55 million over the years, including $22.3 million four years in a capital raising round led by Vector Capital.

The acquisition will provide SAP with valuable customer personalisation technology which will allow SAP to deliver more meaningful online experiences by connecting a variety of data and touch points to better understand the customer. In addition to this, SAP will be receiving an omnichannel marketing solution which is designed to deliver messages to customers via e-mail, mobile, SMS and the web wherever they are with the ability to deliver these messages at scale.

In an environment where customers are continually increasing their online shopping, the need for personalisation has never been more urgent.

SAP have said that the latest acquisition of Emarsys will enhance its customer experience management portfolio and will aim to deliver hyperpersonalised, omnichannel engagements in real time.

“Adding the Emarsys customer engagement platform to our leading SAP S/4HANA and Experience Management technology from SAP and Qualtrics opens up new possibilities for our customers that are unique in the market,”

“The success of brands worldwide depends today on their ability to offer a compelling customer journey and to cater to the individual expectations of customers. To meet these expectations, front-office data must be integrated with back-office capabilities and with individual customer feedback.

“Once the transaction closes, SAP will enable brands to connect every part of their business to the customer, including experience data. We will deliver a portfolio for a ‘commerce anywhere’ strategy allowing for hyperpersonalised digital commerce experiences across all channels at any time.” - SAP CEO, Christian Klein.