Q&A: Meet...AntiConLX Global Speaker Nora Zukauskaite

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With over 12 years of international experience in omnichannel marketing and 360 advertising in the beauty space, Nora knows what she's talking about. 

Nora has put plenty of time and (skin) care into her industry. We also don't need to "make-up" any achievements, we'll (lip) stick to the facts. Right, I'm done with the beauty industry puns. They're casting an (eye) shadow over this interview. Sorry.

Currently, Nora is a Global Marketing Director for Ciate London, Lottie London and Skin Proud.

Nora’s passion is to build and develop brands by delivering consumer experiences at every touchpoint that create a tangible impact on the business and influence consumer behaviour.

Join Nora at this year's AntiConLX Global, where she'll be speaking on all things marketing in the brave new world of Web3!

We chatted to Nora ahead of her session to get her tips, tricks and insights:

We want to hear about you, marketing legend. Give us a quick overview of what your company does and your roles and responsibilities there!

Brand Agency London owns 3 highly awarded global beauty indie brands: Lottie London; Skin Proud and Ciate London. I run the marketing department and the team of 15 spans across PR, Influencer, Social Media specialists and Marketing managers.

What, in your opinion, makes a great AntiConLX Global presentation?">What, in your opinion, makes a great AntiConLX Global presentation?

Relevant to what is happening right now in the world overall and in the world of our consumers. Hearing from indie disruptive brands who are able to make waves in the industry/category with limited budgets and through "out of the box" thinking. Learning from failures as well as from wins.

What bull$hit industry advice do you hear too often?">What bull$hit industry advice do you hear too often?

I keep hearing that "Influencer content needs to be authentic" - influencer marketing is 10 years old, if it is only now that someone realises that it has to be authentic, someone is a little too late in the game...

What’s your biggest industry gripe? Don’t hold back!">What’s your biggest industry gripe? Don’t hold back!

A new brand launching every single day. I think beauty industry is becoming waaayyy too saturated with brands without a clear differentiator.

What advice would you give for starting a career in the industry?">What advice would you give for starting a career in the industry?

What advice would you give for starting a career in the industry?">Having a visionary mentor/boss is key to becoming successful in your career! Very often it's not how hard you work but how much your manager supports your growth and fights for you. Make sure you choose (if you can) whom you work for over the company/brand.

We’ve all read about Mark Wahlberg’s insane 2:30am morning routine, filled with golf and cryo-chambers. What’s your personal morning routine?">We’ve all read about Mark Wahlberg’s insane 2:30am morning routine, filled with golf and cryo-chambers. What’s your personal morning routine?

Ha ! Definitely, nothing as bougie as this! A quick creative brainstorm in the shower as this is my most creative moment of the day.

I like to be the first person in the office and have a quiet first hour by myself to organise my day/agenda/week and thoughts, review the work from my team and have my egg mayo sandwich (the same one I have been having for the last 12 years).

What up-and-coming trend or tech do you predict will take the industry by storm?

Metaverse and that's what I am coming to talk to you about :-)

What was your first job, and how did it help you develop in your industry?

I was elected as a president of students representation of my university. That's running one of the biggest NGOs (we had around 800 volunteers working at a time) in my country just at the age of 21. This quickly formed my managerial skills: strategic thinking; tactical execution; long-term vision and leading the members towards it; budgeting; reporting; teamwork etc. I had an opportunity to practise all the key subjects in real-life situations that I studying in my business studies.

Who's a public speaker you admire, and what makes them good at what they do?

Steven Barlett who is actually one of your speakers. He has gathered incredible insights from the most phenomenal people he has interviewed on his Diary of CEO podcast.

From marketing gurus: Mark Ritson and Rory Sutherland. For straight forward no bull$hit POV.

If you could recommend one book, podcast, tv show, magazine, or piece of bathroom stall graffiti, what would it be?

Originals by Adam Grant

What is your favourite marketing campaign of all time?

I am currently loving new Adidas sports bra campaign. The one that ASA has banned. Such a great insight-led ad!

Can our audience expect any future projects on the horizon, personal or professional?

Oh tons! Definitely more things happening on metaverse for Lottie London and Skin Proud. Lottie London has THE BEST collaboration collection launching for Halloween. Ciate London will be launching a collection with the most iconic fashion icon. So lots to look out for!