Q&A: Ashley Langford from Integrate

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Women Hexagon 2Senior Marketing Operations Manager at Integrate, and Marketing ops specialist, Ashley Langford is a B2B and SaaS expert. A Marketo Revvie Award Finalist and Marketo Champion, Ash has the trophies to prove it. She has also volunteered as a board member for The Young Non profit Professionals Network of Atlanta, which is powerful, meaningful (and a mouthful!)

Jobs in Martech are always super layered and complex. Your position is no exception! So to make things a little bit clearer, could you describe your role in five words or less?

Herding cats

What is your biggest martech/ marketing ops gripe? Don’t hold back!

When people design a process for today and do not think about how it should scale in the future. When I design anything I always ask myself “How will this affect future Ashley”.

It’s a bit 2008, but do you have a personal mantra?

There are multiple ways to skin a cat.

Have there been any women along the way, who have helped you out and supported you?

I’ve been very lucky in my career to have some amazing women co-workers and mentors. I am grateful that I can call them friends now and that I can continue to bounce things off them.

How do you see the martech scene in the Post-Covid days? Apart from everyone going straight to the pub, of course.

Post-Covid the live events are going to be the place to be. People cannot wait to actually be with people in person and connect with each other. In regards to technology I see a lot of technology M&A activity happening. We so many technology companies now there is going to be a point that some will have to merge.

What are your own plans Post-Covid? Are you looking forward to being back out, or are you enjoying the Netflix binges?

I’m looking forward to meeting some of my new teammates and share a meal with them. My wedding was postponed last year due to COVID and I'm looking forward to having our wedding with our friends and family later this year. Who doesn't love a good binge though? I’m very much enjoying my Netflix binging. My husband and I have been going through all 40 seasons of the TV show survivor. We are a little past the halfway point right now.

Do you have any advice for bouncing back from failure or difficulties, especially for young women within the industry?

Everybody is human and everyone makes mistakes. In order to get past it you need to admit that you made a mistake, ask for help if needed, learn from the mistake and try not to make the same mistake again.

What career advice would you give to your younger self, on how to succeed in marketing and tech?

Imposter syndrome is a real feeling. It’s ok to feel that way sometimes, but you are awesome and you can do anything that you put your mind to.

Who are the professional women that really inspire you?

I love seeing any professional women that breaks the barriers. One that really inspires me is Sarah Kennedy, the former CMO of Marketo. She is just such an inspirational leader and great person.

What are your plans for the future? By this I mean what are your upcoming projects, and what are you having for dinner?

This year is going to be a very busy year, I am going to focus a lot of my time on making sure that we are utilizing all of our technologies to the fullest extent. In delicious news though, I will be making homemade calzones for dinner tonight.

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