Protecting Sensitive Customer Data with Zeotap CDP

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Today, brands confront a significant predicament when it comes to sharing their valuable first-party (1P) data in its raw form. The potential misuse of data on third-party (3P) platforms leads to concerns and reservations about data sharing, thereby limiting activation possibilities across various platforms that rely on raw identifiers like email and SMS. To address these challenges, Zeotap has developed a secure platform that ensures comprehensive storage of customer data across all touchpoints. 

Zeotap's commitment centres on striking the perfect balance between data security and activation. In this submission, we delve into the innovative solutions provided by Zeotap to effectively tackle these concerns. 

Securing brands with Zeotap's PII data encryption 

At Zeotap, we value and prioritise our clients' data security and privacy concerns. However, we also understand the significance of optimising marketing goals and achieving maximum activation in advertising and marketing endeavours. Balancing both security and activation is pivotal for any innovative solution. To address this, Zeotap offers a robust feature known as PII Data Encryption, empowering brands to securely send and store their customers' raw Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data within Zeotap CDP. This encryption ensures the highest level of security while enabling seamless activation on the platforms of your choice. 

How it works 

The process is simple yet highly secure. As soon as customer data enters Zeotap CDP, it is encrypted at rest and during access within the platform. Brands have the flexibility to choose the platforms for data activation, and Zeotap strictly adheres to the brand's permissions, ensuring privacy and security without compromising activation capabilities. 

Zeotap CDP offers a safe environment for storing and utilising both hashed and raw PII data. We prioritise maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of your data across various activation channels. With Zeotap, you can trust that your PII data is protected throughout your access and usage journey. Our sophisticated algorithm employs an asymmetric encryption method, utilising separate keys for encryption and decryption. This transformation converts plain text into an unreadable form called "ciphertext," ensuring data security during transmission across networks. 



During data ingestion 

When onboarding customer data into Zeotap CDP, a critical step involves flagging the raw Personal Identifiable Information (PII). By clearly identifying and categorising the raw PII fields, brands ensure accurate handling and secure processing of sensitive data within Zeotap CDP. 

Encrypting the data 

To safeguard the confidentiality of raw PII data, any information marked as Raw PII during onboarding undergoes encryption before storage in the Zeotap system. This encryption process ensures that the data remains protected throughout its lifecycle within Zeotap CDP. Zeotap utilises the widely recognized RSA Encryption Algorithm to secure the raw PII data. Once classified, PII information is masked across the user interface (UI), providing an additional layer of data protection. The encrypted data is accessible only to downstream systems for activation purposes, ensuring maximum security. 

While activation 

Zeotap offers the flexibility to select identifiers and platforms, ensuring that raw data is only shared where necessary and confirmed by the brand. When a campaign requires raw PII identifiers, Zeotap's system decrypts and provides the necessary information based on the campaign setup and platform's requirements. For instance, if a platform accepts both hashed and unhashed identifiers, Zeotap sends only the hashed identifier to maintain privacy. 

When raw PII data is pushed to a destination requiring such information, Zeotap securely decrypts and shares the data using an asynchronous key generated specifically for your organisation. This ensures that the decrypted data is shared only with authorised recipients and destinations, maintaining the privacy and integrity of your raw PII data. 

Empowering marketers and CISOs through Zeotap CDP's data solutions and security strategies 

In the past, Sam, a marketer, used to collect email addresses of customers from the in-house data team to create email campaigns. However, this practice raised concerns for John, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of the brand, as it violated the brand's policy regarding the handling of raw and sensitive customer data, posing risks to privacy and security. 

To address these concerns, the brand integrated Zeotap CDP into its marketing operations. This integration effectively resolved the privacy and security issues associated with customer data. John now has peace of mind knowing that the customer data is handled in a compliant and secure manner. 

With Zeotap CDP, Sam can now conduct email campaigns and define personalised journeys for customers without compromising privacy. Raw identifiers, such as email addresses, are no longer exposed in their original form. Instead, Zeotap CDP employs techniques like hashing or encryption to transform and protect the raw identifiers. 

This means that Sam can still leverage customer data effectively while adhering to privacy regulations and safeguarding sensitive information. The integration with Zeotap CDP allows the brand to maintain a high level of data privacy and security, ensuring both compliance and efficient marketing practices. 

In conclusion, Zeotap provides a robust solution for brands grappling with the challenge of sharing raw data securely. By leveraging PII Data Encryption in Zeotap CDP, brands can safely store and transmit sensitive customer information in an encrypted format, guaranteeing optimal data security. If you're eager to experience the benefits of Zeotap CDP's Raw PII Data Encryption firsthand, don't hesitate to request a demo. We're thrilled to address any questions or requests you may have. Contact us today to learn more! 

In summary, Zeotap offers a powerful and reliable solution for brands facing the complex task of securely sharing raw data. Through the implementation of PII Data Encryption in Zeotap CDP, brands gain the ability to securely store and transmit sensitive customer information in an encrypted format, ensuring the highest level of data security.