Meet the Women of MarTech Alliance 2021

digital transformation course with tom goodwin

This upcoming International Women’s Day promises to be a good one. It is the one day of the year where all women get 24 hours to do as many crimes, scot free, as they’d like. Wait, what do you mean it’s not like The Purge?

Okay. Okay. Instead we’ll just have to celebrate the accomplishments and roles of the talented women of MarTech Alliance, who work hard to bring you daily Martech memes, news, events, tutorials, and pug pics.

Our fantastic team is 50/50 men and women, as all good things should be. From our humble beginnings to now, we’ve had so many brilliant women contributing to our success. Be it with our technology learning experiences, #MarTechFest Global, or the growing list of pretty cool interviewees from our book club, us gals are there.

So I took the chance to throw some questions at our talented team, to hear their perspectives on the industry, dogs vs cats, fave facts, and beyond. 

Happy International Women's Day!

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leslie knope


Nicole re-size-1Nicole is our Course and Events Producer and, that’s right, produces courses and events. She's passionate about diversity and inclusion, and has worked for a $hit ton of events that empower women. No wonder she's continued showcasing this at Martech Alliance! 

Let’s find out more about you. Give us a rundown of your job role and responsibilities!

I'm in charge of how our events and learning courses run, including recruiting and managing speakers and instructors, designing the agendas and training curriculum, and generally identifying how we can improve our products.

Now, summarise that in 3 words.

Busy busy busy

What is your party trick?

My Mickey Mouse and Ralph Wiggum (From The Simpsons) impressions.

What is the best thing about working in Martech?

Martech is and will always be so prevalent, therefore there's always something new that's worth discussing and exploring.

What is your advice for other women in the industry?

Look at people for an example, but then make sure to do things your way. Surround yourself with positive people. I may have stolen that from Queen Latifah.

What is your go-to take away?


What is the strangest thing in your eyeline right now?

A figurine of Betty Boop

Cats or Dogs?

I do love both...but gotta stay loyal to my lil cavapoo, Suki, and say dogs.

Two truths and a lie – go!

  • I'm an ordained minister
  • I got booed off a stage during a rap battle at a festival
  • I'm friends with the cast of the Power Rangers

Give us your favourite fun fact:

Women see 20% more colour than men because of genetic mutation. That's right, we literally have a more colourful life.



Here to save the day with all things Marketing, Ellen is our Marketing & CX Executive.

Let’s find out more about you. Give us a rundown of your job role and responsibilities!

My title is Marketing & CX (customer experience) Executive, so 9/10 times all the communications you see are from this gal. The CX part of the job involves making sure our audience have the best time at our events and/or learning courses & the same for our sponsors! I also help run our events, and a do a few other bits on office support, web development, book keeping and invoicing. 

Now, summarise that in 3 words!

A $h*t ton

What Character from TV or Film do you see yourself in?

Just because I want to be on an island in Greece living my best life it would have to be Donna from Mamma Mia - being stuck inside for the last year might have something to do with this...

What is the best thing about working in Martech?

Right now the industry is booming so it's a really exciting time to be a part of martech. Also getting to meet a variety of different people and hearing them speak at our event or be interviewed as part of our book club is really cool.

What is the weirdest thing you own?

I own a 20mph hour sign... My dad 'found' one on the side of the road and gave it to me for my 20th birthday. When I turn 30 I know what he'll be getting me. 

What is your advice for other young women in the industry?

First of all know your worth. I feel the industry is fairly male dominated so it can be intimidating if you're starting out. Also don't be afraid to rock the boat, you don't have to follow the "we've always done that" mindset.

Do you have a favourite quote?

More of a saying than a quote but shit happens. Everyone makes mistakes but make sure you own them, it's how you learn. 

Cats or dogs?

Dogs 100%

Two truths and a lie - go!

  • My real name is Helen but whenever I would tell people it, they thought I was saying Ellen so it stuck
  • I can touch my nose with my tongue
  • The TV show Grand Designs filmed at my childhood home

Give us you favourite fact:

Couldn't think of one so asked my mates and the first reply was:

A banana is actually a berry



Need an e-book? Article? Q&A? Storyboards? Just turn to our Digital Content and Events Producer, Holly!

Let’s find out more about you. Give us a rundown of your job role and responsibilities!

I head-up the content for MarTech Alliance, which basically involves a lot of writing from stories, scripts to ebooks. I also work closely with our motion graphic designer (S/O to my main man Gary) producing video concepts and messy storyboards which he then creates into a masterpiece.  


Now, summarise that in 3 words! 


Words and pictures. 


What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? 


Don’t go food shopping when you’re hungry.  


If you could recommend one book, podcast, tv show, magazine, piece of bathroom stall graffiti etc. etc. what would it be? 


If I was trying to sound impressive, I’d say reading (and yoga) has kept me sane during lockdown. My favourite recent read has probably got to be ‘The Glass Castle’ by Jeanette Walls. If was being totally honest, I’d say Ru Paul’s Drag Race.   


Finish this sentence: If I wasn’t in Martech, I would’ve been…




What is the best thing about working in Martech? 


The community! It’s a very technical world (especially for a words and pictures kinda gal) but there’s always something new to learn and so many amazing industry experts that are happy to share their knowledge.  


What is your advice for other women in the industry? 


Stand up and stand out. (Cringe but true). 


Cats or Dogs? 


I’m a crazy cat lady at heart – sorry Paco! 


What's youstrangest hobby? 


I’m partial to bit of scrapbooking.  


Give us your favourite fun fact: 


My favourite topical fact: If a bacterium was the size of the empire state building, a virus would be the size of a ping pong ball.  



Sarah ill hexagon Brighter

...And finally, Me!

I'm the new Digital Content Writer, and resident fringe-haver, Sarah. 

I've only been part of the team since the start of March, but have already learnt enough about CDP, CX, ROI, etc etc to satisfy anyone.


Let’s find out more about you. Give us a rundown of your job role and responsibilities!


Thanks Sarah! With the rest of team content, I write daily blog posts, Q&A's, Web Sesh Write ups, and beyond. 


Now, summarise that in 3 words! 


I write things


What's youstrangest hobby? 


The drums! I'm not particularly good, but if I play loud enough, no-one can tell. Except the neighbours. 


What Character from TV or Film do you see yourself in?


More aspirational than anything, but I love Moira Rose. I would kill to have an entire wall full of wigs.


Do you have a favourite quote?


The light of the end of the tunnel, is the light of an oncoming train. 


What is the best thing about working in Martech? 


The variety of people that find themselves here! We have creatives, tech people, marketing and media types, all sorts, all levels! Everyone has a shared interest in the industry, so you have an instant commonality. 


What is the best advice you’ve ever been given? 


"Got to be your own hype women sometimes" - Holly encouraging me to include myself in this article!


Cats or Dogs? 

Cats all day, everyday! They've got a chill vibe that I like. 


Give us your favourite fun fact: 


Armadillo shells are bulletproof! I found this out through Google, not through personal experience.