MarTech News: Round-Up 26/01/23

This Week in Martech:  💰 Microsoft Invests Billions More in OpenAI 👥 Samsung and Sprinklr Partner 💰 Authenticx Raises $20M ⚙️Lotame Launches First-Party Data Accelerator ⚙️Chatgpt To Support Digital Experience Analytics ⚙️ Unveils Generative AI

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Microsoft Invests Billions More in OpenAI

Microsoft recently invested additional billions into OpenAI, a research lab focused on artificial intelligence (AI), in a "multi-billion, multi-year" deal. The investment is the latest move to accelerate and deepen its ongoing partnership with OpenAI. This is part of Microsoft’s continued commitment to democratising AI and driving responsible use of technology.

Samsung and Sprinklr Partner

Samsung and Sprinklr have also announced a new strategic partnership that will enable businesses to use real-time customer insights to deliver personalised experiences across channels such as websites, apps, social media, chatbots, virtual reality and more. As part of the collaboration, Samsung will be integrating Sprinklr’s Customer Experience Cloud platform with its own digital innovation platform.

Authenticx Raises $20M

Authenticx recently raised $20 million in Series A funding to help build and scale its automated customer service platform. The investments will be used to fund the development of its AI-driven customer experience platform and expand its team.

Lotame Launches First-Party Data Accelerator

Lotame, a leader in data intelligence, has launched the Lotame First-Party Data Accelerator, an AI-powered tool that helps marketers generate more actionable insight from their first-party data. The new solution enables marketers to easily access and analyse large amounts of data across multiple channels in order to identify trends and uncover new opportunities.

Chatgpt To Support Digital Experience Analytics

Chatgpt, an artificial intelligence (AI) conversational analytics provider, has announced its support for digital experience analytics software firm Ensighten’s Manage platform. This integration allows companies to gain deeper insights into customer conversations and behaviours, enabling them to deliver more personalised experiences. Unveils Generative AI has unveiled its new generative AI platform, which is designed to help companies quickly launch virtual assistants and chatbots with minimal development effort and cost. The platform uses natural language processing (NLP) and text-to-speech technologies to provide a range of solutions for customer service, e-commerce, digital marketing and other areas.

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