How to Make Content Syndication Work in Today’s B2B Precision Demand Marketing World

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How to Make Content Syndication Work in Today’s B2B Precision Demand Marketing World

If you’re a seasoned demand generation marketer, you’ve probably felt burned by content syndication programs at some point or another. And while content syndication has long been a critical channel in B2B marketing, many of us feel like we’re just throwing our money away. Why? Because content syndication efforts are often riddled with poor data quality, high costs, and appropriate scalability issues. This results in a failure to deliver on pipeline goals, wasted marketing budget, and lost credibility with sales teams. Not a good look.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can make your content syndication strategies work smarter and make it much more useful for your demand efforts by taking a Precision Demand Marketing approach. Look for ways to simplify and connect your content syndication efforts across channels and nurture your buyers along their journey.

I’ve outlined 6 considerations for making content syndication more useful to your demand generation marketing efforts.

Automate your distribution.

As a demand marketer, it can feel like there are simply too many options for you to consider. You can struggle just trying to identify which ones are the best fit for your organization. That can lead to a lot of time spent manually assessing every publisher in the market and determining whether they are reaching your ICP. But that’s not necessary. There are plenty of powerful tools that streamline the process and ensure you only pay for the leads that make sense for your campaigns.

Secure 100% marketable data.

The right software decides whether a lead should be accepted and rates it based on viability. It validates, standardizes, qualifies, and routes that lead to your specifications. By doing so, it keeps your database clean and provides new intelligence to help your sales team do its job. If you work with a sales team that’s sceptical of previous content syndication efforts, this is worth its weight in gold, ensuring you maintain a positive relationship with sales leadership.

Ensure dollar-for-dollar ROI.

When you have a robust content syndication program running with multiple publishers, the likelihood of lead duplication is high. If you entrust vetting to manual processes, it’s inevitable that duplicate leads will slip through the cracks. The right software ensures duplicate leads and leads outside the campaign’s scope are instantly rejected.

Customize lead volume.

Marketing today is about being flexible, agile and responsive. If you’re not aided by technology, it’s likely you’ll struggle to identify reasons to course-correct or to increase spending with high-performance publishers. An intelligent software system can control lead volume based on budget changes, business objectives, and the adjustment of organizational goals.

Activate the buying committee.

When the right lead is qualified and activated, the right system can transcend mere ABM and identify additional contacts through third-party data collection while getting compliant opt-in for additional communication. It can also ensure the data matches your persona criteria within strategic accounts. From there, you can activate and nurture leads across all your channels.

Find the right technologies.

Content syndication is a core channel for marketers, but we need to evolve our strategies for today’s world. We need to streamline our approach and make content syndication work for us, not against us.

Tools like Integrate’s Precision Syndication ensure you can connect your content syndication dollars to real buyers. Precision Syndication provides a centralized platform to manage content syndication publishers and campaigns. Use it to reach the right buyers, protect your budgets, prove ROI, and deliver the leads your sales team needs. Streamline and automate content syndication campaigns so you can grow the pipeline faster and increase the speed to lead.