Getting The Most out of the New ON24 Engagement Hub

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Getting The Most out of the New ON24 Engagement Hub

Two weeks ago, we announced some significant updates to the ON24 Digital Experience Platform. But there are some additional enhancements to ON24 Engagement Hub that we wanted to highlight.

Engagement Hub Now Supports Live Webinars

Learn how ON24 Engagement Hub helps you enhance your webinar program with live webinars.

First, Engagement Hub is evolving to support your on-demand and LIVE content. That’s right, your audience can now watch live webinars (and external live content from YouTube and Vimeo) directly in your Engagement Hub.

Live webinars in the Engagement Hub will not be a stripped-down experience, but rather the same immersive experience your audience has come to expect from your live content on ON24. This means:

  • Engagement and Conversion Tools are available to Engagement Hub attendees
  • All data from Engagement Hub attendees will make it into ON24 Intelligence
  • Attendees have more options and easier access to your content and webinars

We can’t wait to see how our users use the new live enhancements. While we envision this being used across a lot of different use cases and program needs, we’ve highlighted four core use cases that will be able to get the most out of their live (and on-demand!) content in Engagement Hub.

Four Ways to Take Advantage of ON24 Engagement Hub Features

1. Create Demand Generation Opportunities

The new Engagement Hub enhancements simplifies how audiences can engage with your live and on-demand content, which provides more data and clearer buying signals for those Prospect Engagement Profiles for demand generation marketers.

Content journeys are tricky, like getting audience members from your live content to on-demand content. Our latest Engagement Hub update removes that friction and helps identify clearer buying signals that lead to greater conversion.

2. Better Product Marketing Engagement

It’s never been easier for product marketers to build memorable launch experiences in Engagement Hub.

With new live functionality, product marketers can host live launch events directly in the hub. They can also supplement live content with on-demand materials like FAQs, help content, and more.

We recommend embedding your Engagement Hub if you plan on continuously updating a content portal. Otherwise, we recommend building a standalone content hub for customer-facing content.

3. Drive More Customer Engagement

With the new Engagement Hub, you can go beyond the webinar to create meaningful self-service education portals for your audience. Promote your live and upcoming webinar content alongside your on-demand resources, then embed it onto your corporate website.

By combining live and on-demand, you can easily showcase your best customer stories to drive affinity for your brand.

4. Enhance Partner Marketing

Partner marketers can show off their brand’s industry experience and thought leadership with scalable education programs that leverage live deep-dive sessions with a wide variety of on-demand content.

This type of thought leadership can also be used to host insightful and entertaining live days to delight resellers and customers. Best of all, you can keep those audiences engaged long after your event ends with all of your best on-demand content.

For more on the new live enhancements in the Engagement Hub, check out our August 2021 Product Innovation Webinar.