Driving your Martech Maturity - How to Achieve Journey Orchestration Excellence

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Alexa play “Don’t Stop Believing”. Now, this is the time to find out about a different type of Journey. Maybe one with better hair. 

I mean, both deliver on ‘unique, motivating customer experiences’, so maybe they’re more similar than I originally thought. Though this Journey is still gaining traction, albeit mostly in the marketing world.

The gap between customer expectation and delivery – or the 'experience gap' – is far too common. Individual departments are often focused on their role, fixated on their own targets. But customers change, and so do their journeys.

So, journey orchestration provides customers with an individual, evolving experience. It’s all about being responsive, not prescriptive. 

Inconsistent journeys can be a key frustration for customers. It ruins the whole experience if they face a number of inconsistencies across channels - ultimately it just disrupts the brand image. Listening across all channels, and synching experience is vital for a smooth customer journey. Talking about synching and listening - you can hear all about this at #MarTechFest Dial Up, where we have two great speakers covering journey orchestration, from start to finish!

In ‘Driving your martech maturity - How to achieve journey orchestration excellence', Frans Riemersma goes behind the scenes of journey orchestration. You’ll find out all about topics like:

  • Martech maturity
  • Achieving the best journey orchestration you can

Frans Riemersma is the founder of MarTech Tribe, plus an author, speaker, and marketing technologist. A quadruple threat. The #10 Martech influencer in Europe, and #1 in the Netherlands, he has two decades of experience, ready to share with you at #MarTechFest Dial Up!

In 'Journey orchestration design & execution – People, Process & Platforms', Satya Upadhyaya will give you the full run-down of the design and execution of journey execution. He'll cover:

  • Customer interaction process creating raw data
  • Putting data in motion
  • Orchestrating customer interactions across multiple touchpoints
  • Giving data context, and learning from it

Satya Upadhyaya is Vice President, Campaign Optimisation, Marketing Capability and Change at Citi. Satya has a track record in optimising the customer journey through design, implementation, launch, and monitoring of data-driven and insights-powered initiatives. Hear this expertise at #MarTechFest Dial Up!

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