Dear Marketers and Technologists, We Need to Talk About the Shiny New Tech You’ve Got Your Eye On

Woah, stop right there. Yeah you. Put. The. Tech. Down.

Before you put that nice, new, shiny piece of tech on your sky-high stack, take a step back. I know the marketers on LinkedIn have been talking about it. I know it’s got a snazzy name. But ask yourself – am I going to treat this tech right, and will it treat me right in return?

So, it’s time for you to listen to Savannah Kringlie, of Homie, and Steve Peterson of Western Governo. In their #MarTechFest Dial Up session ‘Dear marketers and technologists, we need to talk about the shiny new tech you’ve got your eye on, we’ll hear all the things marketers need to consider before taking the tech plunge. Savannah and Steve, or S&S as I’m calling them, take you behind the scenes of the martech space. They’ll cover a bunch of topics, including:

  • Security approvals
  • Existing contracts
  • Site speed concerns
  • Stakeholder buy-in
  • Stack and integrations
  • Institutional investment

You might have to miss out on the shiny new tech, but you don’t have to miss out on S2’s Dial Up sesh. Click here to find out about attending #MarTechFest Dial Up - completely free! Just for you, the person reading this. Because I like you that much. You're welcome. 😘

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