Content tech - The Strategy and Stack you Need to Reach a Global Audience.

A global audience is in reach, superstar. With Content Tech, you can develop a strategy and stack that hits all four corners of the globe.

But, what is Content Tech? How does it differ from other martech solutions? What’s its whole deal? And I’ll tell you at some point…

…and that point is right now.

Content tech is all about understanding the best ways of managing, delivering, and creating intelligent content. Don’t forget the scalability – Content Tech makes sure your content strategy is both scalable AND efficient.

A well organised Content Tech strategy will lead to a real increase in engagement, through blog posts, articles, and social media. This standalone content will be hugely valuable to your customers, building trust and engagement, without being pitchy. It’s all about delivering content that makes your buyer more intelligent, more informed, and more loyal.

Paula Shannon, Chief Evangelist at Lilt, is discussing all o' this in her upcoming sesh, at #MarTech Fest Dial Up. But instead of focusing solely on the tech, Paula suggests it is merely the enabler. Strategy is the real driver, baby.

In ‘Content tech - The strategy and stack you need to reach a global audience’, Paula goes behind the scenes. You’ll find out all about topics like:

  • How to map your brand on the “glocal” continuum
  • The way to develop a solid global strategy
  • How to navigate from case studies and experiences, pulled from the consumer and tech worlds.

Before being the Chief Evangelist at Lilt, Shannon was the CSO and SVP at Lionbridge. Working with artificial intelligence-powered enterprise translation technology and services, she’s basically Elon Musk with much better hair.

Hear Paula talk all things Content Tech at this year’s #MarTechFest Dial Up - completely free! Click here to find out more. 

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