2018 UK Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

(If you're looking for the 2020 version of our martech landscape head here).

Inspired by the one and only Scott Brinker and his global edition, we have poured over teeny tiny logos, checked and rechecked classifications, laughed, cried and cried a little more in order to bring you the MarTech Landscape - UK version.

We're pretty excited to release this labour of love in to the world, so if you'd like to download a high resolution version of the landscape - drop your details in the form yonder and we'll send you your very own download link.

We'll also let you peek behind the curtains and see how it all came together with the original spreadsheet outlining the vendors and their classifications.

UK Marketing Technology Landscape 2018

  • This graphic is only our approximation of the marketing technology space and we have no doubt missed a vendor or two - apologies in advance. It is intended only to stir discussion. You can add your details to this form to be added to our research spreadsheet for the next edition.
  • We defined any marketing technology company founded or headquartered in the UK as part of the UK Marketing technology landscape.
  • Key sources used in our research to build this graphic: Chiefmartec.com, our open online form for vendors to submit their details, TFM, CabinetM, Google and TrustRadius. 
  • We grant permission to reproduce copies of this graphic in full and “as is” in any slide presentation or website. A back link to this post would be greatly appreciated.