The APAC Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2020


It's been a sufficient amount of time since we worked on the UKs Marketing Technology Landscape last year for us to forget exactly how much hard work goes into the delightful little visual - and so we've toiled away gathering tiny logos to bring you the inaugural Marketing Technology Landscape for Asia Pacific.

Feast your peepers:

APAC Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2020

The background

It was a simpler time, the year was 2011 and Scott Brinker was establishing himself as the godfather of martech when he introduced us to his Global Marketing Technology Landscape.

It contained a mere 150 vendors. Fast forward to 2020 and his little baby has grown in to an absolute beast, showcasing over 8,000 logos and spawning many a regional edition by contributed by martech enthusiasts.

Here at MarTech Alliance we're currently working on our third annual UK edition and are excited to be sharing this APAC version with you fine folks.

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The snapshot stats

  • The inaugural APAC Martech Landscape contains 660 vendors
  • Social & Relationships is by far the largest subcategory accounting for 34% of vendors
  • Just 10 of the 44 subcategories contain nearly half (49%) of the vendors
  • 25.5% of the APAC landscape was HQed or born out of Australia.
  • A whopping 41.7% of the vendors are represented by India
  • Proportionate to local populations of 24.9m in Oz vs 1.3b in India its clear just how much of a punch the Australian market packs
  • In fact Australia boasts nearly 7 vendors per million people, India .2 vendors per million people and Singapore a staggering 12.95 vendors per million people
  • And with a population of just over 5m New Zealand can brag they have 6.2 vendors per million people

Categories & Subcategories

APAC MarTech Landscape Categories

APAC MarTech Landscape Subcategories

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Get your high resolution version of the 2020 APAC Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic here


This graphic is only an approximation. The main purpose is to start the discussion about the martech landscape across the Asia Pacific region.

  • This graphic is only our approximation of the marketing technology space and we have no doubt missed a vendor or two - apologies in advance. It is intended only to stir discussion. You can add your details to this form to be added to our research spreadsheet for the next edition.
  • We defined any marketing technology company founded or headquartered in the APAC as part of the APAC Marketing technology landscape.
  • Key sources used in our research to build this graphic:, MarTech Tribe, our open online form for vendors to submit their details, CabinetM, Google, Crunchbase and TrustRadius.
  • We grant permission to reproduce copies of this graphic in full and “as is” in any slide presentation or website. A back link to this post would be greatly appreciated.