The State of B2B Digital Event Experience 2023


This report looks at the current state of B2B digital event experience in the UK & Europe, highlighting the continuing role of virtual events in B2B marketing.

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Through detailed research, this eBook provides insights into the current state of the industry.  44% of CMOs see virtual events and webinars as their most important demand generation tactic, while the majority of CMOs expect to run the same amount or more virtual events in the coming 12 months.

However, CMOs face a series of challenges when looking to deliver engaging and effective virtual events that drive brand awareness, leads, and sales. The report looks at five key pillars of event experience and discusses the issues, challenges, and opportunities for improvement.

We also look into key virtual events trends, such as:

This report looks at. 

  • Customer expectations.  71% of CMOs reported that attendees expect much higher levels of event experience, and 60% of CMOs reported higher levels of digital event fatigue.
  • Maturity & strategy. The right combination of skills, technology, great content, planning, and alignment with broader marketing activity and overall business goals is required for great virtual event experiences.
  • Technology. CMOs see the features and functionality provided by tech tools are key to enhancing attendee experiences.
  • Marketing strategy & metrics. Marketers see the improvement in event experiences as a key factor that will improve their overall demand generation performance. Increasing brand awareness was the key reason given by CMOs for running online events.
  • The future of B2B event experiences. The growth in tool functionality: AI, gamification, and the adoption of 3D, and CMOs see deep immersive engagement through VR/Digital Twins/Metaverse and digital speakers/presenters powered by AI and ML as reshaping the future of digital event experiences.

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