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The State of MarTech Report

There has never been a more exciting time to work in marketing and technology. The world was already digitising rapidly, but the pandemic has accelerated this digital transformation. Companies that have been forced to adapt to evolving customer behaviours to survive now have an opportunity to thrive.


2021 B2B Marketing Trends & Evolution

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In this extensive eBook of 41 pages we cover:

2021 B2B marketing landscape

  • The growth of the experience economy
  • A complex B2B buying process
  • Marketing trends & evolution
  • Omnichannel buyers require omnichannel marketers

Adapting & advancing your B2B marketing strategy

  • What is precision demand marketing?
  • The backbone of precision demand marketing
  • How to adapt your execution, unifying, orchestration, and integrating

The tech to power your B2B marketing (re)evolution

  • Enabling your PDM strategy
  • Integrate's Demand Acceleration Platform

Summary & advice

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