Workshop: Digital Asset Management

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Maximise the value of your DAM investment with our online workshop

Harness the power of Digital Asset Management through this comprehensive workshop. Discover its transformative impact on marketing activity and customer experience, driving efficiency and innovation in asset utilisation. 

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Embark on a detailed journey through Digital Asset Management, from foundational principles to sophisticated applications and use cases. Learn how to evaluate and implement DAM solutions that propel your brand forward and stay ahead of evolving industry trends. 

Module 1: Introduction to DAM

Lays the groundwork for understanding Digital Asset Management, exploring its origins, key concepts, and the significant benefits it offers organisations. It highlights how DAM systems differ from other storage solutions and the critical role they play in streamlining content workflows and ensuring brand consistency.
  • Origin of DAM and its evolution
  • Key concepts of DAM
  • Significant benefits of DAM for organisations
  • Differentiation of DAM systems from other storage solutions
  • Critical role of DAM in streamlining content workflows
  • Importance of DAM in ensuring brand consistency

Module 2: Key Components of DAM Systems

Delves into the technical components of DAM systems, explaining their core functionalities and use cases - it covers efficient asset search, organisation, collaboration enhancements, system integration, insights and analytics, consistent brand messaging, content distribution, and legal compliance.
  • DAM system technical components and functionalities
  • Efficient asset search, organisation, and collaboration
  • System integration and analytics
  • Ensuring consistent brand messaging and legal compliance
  • Content distribution capabilities

Module 3: Vendor Selection & Implementation Process

Focuses on the vendor selection and implementation process - it outlines common mistakes to avoid, emphasises the need for cross-functional collaboration, executive support, comprehensive user training, scalability, and defining clear use cases for the DAM system.
  • Vendor selection and implementation focus
  • Avoiding common mistakes
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Executive support
  • User training importance
  • Scalability consideration
  • Clear use case definition


The future of Digital Asset Management is expected to be shaped by advancements in technology and evolving business needs. In this short section, we look at some of the key trends and developments that are anticipated to shape the industry. Not only artificial intelligence but the emergence of Omnichannel Content Platforms. 
  • Future Trends


Check out the workshop introduction video with your instructor Richard Nolan

Start Date
Tuesday 2nd April 2024
Close Date
Friday 28th June 2024
Richard Nolan
2-3 hours


Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand the fundamental principles of Digital Asset Management excellence

  2. Identify the key functionalities and benefits of DAM systems for modern organisations

  3. Gain insights into the critical role of DAM in streamlining content workflows and enhancing brand consistency

  4. Master the process of selecting the right DAM vendor and avoiding common implementation pitfalls

  5. Equip yourself with strategies for fostering cross-functional collaboration and securing executive support for DAM initiatives

Tools & Resources

The workshop offers a selection of fully editable resources to support participants in their DAM planning and implementation journey. These can be downloaded for future projects.

  • Project Planner and Gantt Chart
  • Request for Proposal Template
  • RACI - Roles and Responsibilities Planner
  • Project Budgeting Tool
  • Vendor Scorecard
Resource-CDP-Vendor ScoreCard Template-Budgeting-3500x2500px

Learning Design

1.5 hours of video

Completion Badge

5 Tools & Resources

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12 Weeks Access

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Richard Nolan

Instructor: Richard Nolan

  • Chief Operating Officer at LXA
  • Leads LXA’s publication of industry-leading Reports, eBooks and Guides
  • Nearly three decades of Marketing and Operations experience
  • Integrated his first martech platform back in 2006, when martech wasn’t even a word
  • Founder of FSMartech which was acquired by MarTech Alliance in 2021
  • Ran the financial service industry's leading Marketing Effectiveness Awards for over a decade

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