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AntiConLX DialUp Middle East

21 May 2023 | Online | 15:00 GST / 14:00 AST

The State of Data-Driven Marketing in the Middle East.

This event has now ended. Please enjoy the on-demand recording below.

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AntiCon - May 2024

The UK's largest martech, ad tech, salestech & nexttech anti-conference is back this October. We will be joined by a whole host of top industry speakers with a killer line up of sessions tackling all..

Certificate: Marketing Operations

This course is packed with everything from marketing ops organisation fit to campaign ops, to tech and project management - and everything in-between.


Certificate: Marketing Technology (MarTech)

This course covers the A-Z of auditing and developing your marketing technology strategy.


Certificate: Sales Enablement & Sales Operations

This course will equip you with the strategic framework needed to introduce or enhance your own sales enablement effort, so you can drive revenue growth with confidence.


Certificate: Digital Transformation

This course takes you through every step you need to undertake, understand, design, and implement change for an ambitious future focussed company that can dominate for years to come


Workshop: Marketing Operations Mechanics with No Code

This course will teach you how to accelerate marketing operations performance through no-code programming and the creative deployment of martech to build new tools and automate processes.


AntiConLX DialUp with Scott Brinker & Darrell Alfonso

Watch our career special online AMA with Scott Brinker & Darrell Alfonso on-demand