2019 UK Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic

We’re back at it again with the UK’s very own version of the Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic, so get ready and squint because we’re comin’ in hot.

Here it is:


Did you count 481 logos? Well you’d be right, this year’s UK edition features a comfortable 16 percent growth from last year showing that there are no signs of slowing down the martech madness.

Some snapshot stats

  • Our research uncovered a total of 481 UK based marketing technology companies 
  • That's 67 new companies compared to 2018 (16.18% growth)
  • 238 of the listed companies didn't feature in the most recent global version
  • 'Content & Experience' remains the dominant category accounting for 27% of all vendors.
  • 'Social & Relationships' showed the biggest expansion this year with the addition of 30 new companies.

The logo leader board

So where does this place us in the world stage I hear you ask? Well you’re in luck we’ve whipped up some quick maths because everyone loves a leader board!

We’ve been gifted in recent years with regional martech landscapes from the UK, Germany, Finland, China, Sweden, France and Canada - as well as recently produced Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain and Switzerland (Shout out to the Martech tribe!).

Here’s how we rank based on the quantity of companies:

  1. UK (481)
  2. Germany (296)
  3. Canada (271)
  4. China (250)
  5. The Netherlands (167)
  6. Sweden (154)
  7. Finland (117)
  8. Spain (83)
  9. Belgium (68)
  10. Switzerland (51)
  11. New Zealand (41)
  12. Italy (40)
  13. France (24)

But here’s where it gets interesting:

We took a look at the amount of marketing technology companies in each region per 1 million people and it makes the leader board significantly different!

  1. Finland (21.20)
  2. Sweden (15.46)
  3. The Netherlands (9.77)
  4. New Zealand (9.09)
  5. Canada (7.61)
  6. UK (7.33)
  7. Switzerland (6.19)
  8. Belgium (5.92)
  9. Germany (3.67)
  10. Spain (1.70)
  11. Italy (0.64)
  12. France (0.36)
  13. China (0.18)

Finland the little martech country who could – takes out top spot with a massive 21.20 marketing technology companies per 1 million inhabitants. This is hefty contribution from the Nordic nation boasting a humble population of 5.5 million.

Ok, now that you’re sufficiently awed by this “research” we must follow with this disclaimer:

  • These numbers are appropriate for water cooler chit chat only and should not be used in any real reports or presented at board meetings where large amounts of money rely on the accuracy of the numbers.
  • The leader board includes only the countries for which we could find a published regional martech landscape via what can only be described as a fairly lazy Google search.
  • The quantity of numbers for each landscape may vary as they were published between 2017 – 2019
  • The population data is sourced via CIA.gov and the latest report for each country dates from 2017
  • We're not confident in the number of companies listed on the China landscape as they have followed different rules to other regions with many duplicates and companies who may not necessarily be headquartered in China...we also had to count the logos manually so take them with a grain of salt!

Download the full high res version & excel master to review this in more detail

Download the 2019 UK Marketing Technology Landscape


It's interesting to see just how large the UK martech platform space is (...and no doubt there are other additions we missed). Even with any consolidation (which is debatable), we expect we will see exponential growth for at least the next few years. The need to drive marketing technology transformation has never been greater and no signs of slowing.

A few notable acquisitions in 2019 from the UK landscape:

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UK-MarTech-Landscape 2019

Get your high resolution version of the 2019 UK Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic here


This graphic is only an approximation. The main purpose is to start the discussion about the UK martech landscape.

  • This graphic is only our approximation of the marketing technology space and we have no doubt missed a vendor or two - apologies in advance. It is intended only to stir discussion. You can add your details to this form to be added to our research spreadsheet for the next edition.
  • We defined any marketing technology company founded or headquartered in the UK as part of the UK Marketing technology landscape.
  • Key sources used in our research to build this graphic: Chiefmartec.com, our open online form for vendors to submit their details, TFM, CabinetM, Google, Crunchbase and TrustRadius. 
  • We grant permission to reproduce copies of this graphic in full and “as is” in any slide presentation or website. A back link to this post would be greatly appreciated.


If like us you await the release of Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphics with equal parts trepidation and giddy excitement…maybe you’ll want to join us at this year’s #MarTechFest where we’ll nerd out with Scott Brinker and deep dive the insights.

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