Workshop: Customer Data Platforms


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Maximise the value of your CDP investment with our online workshop.

Dive deep into the world of customer data platforms, exploring their pivotal role in a contemporary marketing stack and their significance in fostering customer-centric, data-driven marketing strategies and enhanced customer experiences.


You will explore three in-depth modules highlighting the core concepts of CDPs. Strengthen your foundational knowledge while accessing a wealth of resources and tools. These will be instrumental in guiding you through the step-by-step process of acquiring and integrating a CDP seamlessly into your organisation.

Module 1: Introduction to CDPs

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental elements of CDPs, including their core principles and operational functionality.
Dive deep into the realm of data, with a focus on defining and comprehending key data terms. This will pave the way for an in-depth understanding of CDPs, providing a thorough look at their essential concepts.
  • Foundations of CDPs
  • Data definitions

Module 2: Features & Functionality of CDPs

Explore the core features of CDPs, covering 'Data Collection & Ingestion,' 'Unify, Transform & Enrich,' and 'Customer Profiling – Analyse & Segment,' you'll master data integration, transformation, and customer behaviour analysis.
Gain insights into 'Customer Journey Mapping,' execute strategies with 'Data Activation & Execution,' ensure compliance with 'Data Privacy & Security,' and leverage data for 'Analytics & Reporting.' This module provides a comprehensive understanding of how CDPs manage data seamlessly and drive strategic decisions for superior customer experiences.
  • Data Collection & Ingestion
  • Unify, Transform & Enrich
  • Customer Profiling – Analyse & Segment
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Data Activation & Execution
  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Analytics & Reporting

Module 3: Vendor Selection

Focus on the critical aspect of selecting the right CDP for your needs. Learn the essential skill of 'Measuring CDP Effectiveness,' enabling you to gauge the impact and efficiency of CDP solutions.
Dive into the intricate process of 'Vendor Selection & Implementation,' where you'll acquire the expertise to choose and seamlessly integrate a CDP that aligns with your organisational objectives. 
  • Measuring CDP Effectiveness
  • Vendor Selection & Implementation


Navigate CDP complexities, exploring trends like CEP emergence, Reverse ETL tools, and composable CDPs. As platforms blur distinctions and the sector evolves, choosing the right approach demands vigilance in monitoring developments and understanding your tech ecosystem and use cases.
  • Future Trends


Check out the workshop introduction video with your instructor Richard Nolan

Richard Nolan
2-3 hours
£395 (GBP) / $495 (USD)


Learning Outcomes

  1. Acquire a comprehensive understanding of how a CDP can effectively address marketing and data challenges within your organisation

  2. Enhance decision-making capabilities for selecting CDP providers based on informed insights

  3. Develop strategic plans for the seamless introduction of a CDP platform

  4. Increase the likelihood of a successful CDP implementation through improved planning

  5. Conduct a thorough review and assessment of the performance of your current CDP platform

Tools & Resources

The workshop offers a selection of fully editable resources to support participants in their CDP planning and implementation journey. These can be downloaded for future projects.

  • Project Planner and Gantt Chart
  • Request for Proposal Template
  • Data Architecture Audit Template
  • RACI - Roles and Responsibilities Planner
  • Project Budgeting Tool
  • Vendor Scorecard
Resource-CDP-Vendor ScoreCard Template-Budgeting-3500x2500px

Learning Design

1.5 hours of video

Completion Badge

6 Tools & Resources

Slack Community

12 Weeks Access

Fully Online


£395 (GBP) / $495 (USD)

Richard Nolan

Instructor: Richard Nolan

  • Chief Operating Officer at LXA
  • Leads LXA’s publication of industry-leading Reports, eBooks and Guides
  • Nearly three decades of Marketing and Operations experience
  • Integrated his first martech platform back in 2006, when martech wasn’t even a word
  • Founder of FSMartech which was acquired by MarTech Alliance in 2021
  • Ran the financial service industry's leading Marketing Effectiveness Awards for over a decade

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