Learning Solutions for Corporates

Drive your marketing transformation: Reskill, upskill & reinvent your marketing team

Ensure entry and early-stage marketers have strong digital marketing literacy.
Establish a core baseline of marketing competencies and common language.
Refresh and maintain a solid level of knowledge in the timeless foundations of marketing.
Create a centralised master learning library that effectively supports varying learning levels and roles.
Upskill and reskill marketing and sales in digital skills.
Establish and maintain a modern marketing team.
Empower less technical/non-digital marketers to become more self-sufficient.
Fill gaps and fulfill training needs in existing established marketing academies.
Create and upskill a centre of excellence (COE).
Create future-ready marketers well-equipped to embrace emerging marketing competencies.
Develop and embed a culture of continuous learning.

Corporate Learning Solutions

We offer a comprehensive suite of learning experiences to upskill and reskill your company. We provide both breadth and depth of the full spectrum of marketing competencies. Offered through our marketing skills assessment, learning membership subscription and custom instructor led live workshops. 

We move from AI and digital marketing literacy, timeless fundamentals, to best practice and playbooks, strategic development.

We cover AI to Automation, omnichannel to personalisation, DX to data management, CX mapping to tech stacking, ecommerce to martech, enablement to activation. (And our portfolio is growing monthly).

Your Marketing Academy

Mix and match our products to wrap around your marketing academy.
Or we can partner to develop your academy from scratch. 



Chat with us on how we can develop your marketing academy, assessing your marketing capabilities to delivering live workshops.



Unlock access to over 100+ learning experiences. Multi-format content is delivered via short courses and workshops, a resources bank of tools, calculators, frameworks, premium reports, and certified deep-dive courses.



We can develop live workshops across a range of topics and learning experience types to match your training needs. Through our network of course instructors we can ensure we best match your use cases and industry requirements

Who we train:

How we personalise our learning solutions to your training needs


Learning Level

A range of content and learning experience options to match learners from entry/early stage to seasoned individuals. From the foundations, to intermediate to specialist/advanced.


Capabilities & Competencies

Access breadth of courses, lesson and resource content across the full spectrum of marketing competencies to support all your global team’s needs

Learning Experience

Build learning paths with multi-modal learning experience for maximised engagement.

Learning Levels



Establish a strong baseline to build upon with content designed to help marketers grow and strengthen in the areas of:

  • Timeless fundamentals knowledge 
  • Marketing mindset & power skills
  • Digital marketing literacy
  • Conversational in the language of marketing


Deliver against industry and business standards to improve performance and efficiencies with content focused on:

  • Best-practice understanding
  • Adopting & embedding best-practice
  • Planning excellence
  • Agency & project management

Advanced & Specialist

Develop specialist skill sets and a strategic mindset the propels business performance with content focused on:

  • Strategic excellence
  • Operational excellence
  • Technical marketing skills

Number_TwoCapabilities & Competencies

AI & Digital Marketing Literacy

Create a baseline level of AI & digital marketing knowledge and a common language for early-stage marketers. Enable quick and easy refresher access to AI & digital marketing for experienced marketers.

  • AI marketing literacy
  • Digital marketing Fundamentals
  • Intro to Influencer & Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Core Concepts
  • Paid Media Foundations
  • Marketing Financial Literacy
  • eCommerce Fundamentals

Timeless Marketing Foundations

Ensure the core fundamentals of marketing are understood and form the frame within which new ways of marketing are established. Establish coherent, consistent and effective ways to brief and manage agencies.

  • Agency Briefing & Management
  • Branding Principles
  • Corporate Messaging
  • 4Ps/7Ps of Marketing
  • STP Segmentation, targeting, positioning

Mindset & Power

Develop growth and challenger mindset culture. And embed smart effective ways of working.

  • Challenger Brand Mindset
  • Growth Mindset
  • Marketing Project Management
  • AI Marketing Prompt Engineering
  • Challenger Mindset
  • Ways of working

Brand, CX &

Ensure marketing efforts are wrapped around the customer and strategically aligned to the broader vision, goals and business outcomes.

  • Challenger brand development & mgt
  • Brand Principles
  • Category Management
  • Customer Centricity
  • CX Journey Mapping & Alignment
  • Strategic Analysis & Goal Setting
  • Budgeting & Forecasting

Data &

Instill a data informed approach to decision making and activation.

  • Analytics & Insight
  • Data Driven & Data Informed
  • Data Marketing stack
  • AI Enabled Marketing
  • Data Ethics & Compliance
  • Marketing modelling in Excel

Omnichannel & Channel Effectiveness

Deliver consistent, contextualized and personalised communications across a mix of channels and CX touchpoints.

  • Omnichannel & Personalisation
  • Orchestration & Automation
  • Email, App, SMS & WhatsApp
  • Search, Social & Display
  • UI, UX & CRO
  • Customer Loyalty & Advocacy


Drive marketing efficiency and empower and enable marketers to operate with speed and impact.

  • Project Management
  • Ways of Working
  • Campaign operations
  • Governance
  • Administration
  • Enablement

B2B Marketing, ABM & Sales

Harness the power of ABM and ABS to foster seamless alignment between sales and marketing teams. Enhance your sales enablement and operations to drive impactful, coordinated strategies that elevate business outcomes.

  • Account Based Marketing (ABM)
  • Account Based Selling (ABS)
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales & Marketing Operations

eCommerce & Martech Tools

Build a strategic, CX focused approach to ecommerce. Audit, select and implement the marketing tools that wrap around your CX and marketing channels to maximize performance

  • Martech, Ad Tech, Salestech Landscape
  • Digital Commerce
  • Digital Retail Media
  • Category Management
  • Stack Design
  • Selection & Implementation
  • Platform Enablement

AI &

Embrace AI of the possible in marketing. Uncover optimal automation, and AI-enabled ways to advance marketing efficiency and effectiveness.

  • AI-Enabled Marketing
  • Marketing Automation Activation
  • Workflow Automation
  • Predicative Analytics
  • GenAI Content Creation & Management

Number_ThreeLearning Experiences


Short Courses
& Lessons


Certified Courses & Workshops


Tools, Frameworks & Templates

open-book (2)

Best practice Guides & Research Reports




Simulation-Based Exercises


Hand-picked for you

Check out this selection of events and resources for the Marketing Capabilities community

"I highly recommend the 4Ps of marketing technology course to any marketing ops professional interested in professional growth and advancement. It presents both a great opportunity to connect and network with leaders in the Martech space, and also to engage with the rich content and use cases provided in the program to address challenges many organizations deal with today, and I dare say will continue to in future."
Head of Marketing Operations



"Over the past weeks, I've delved into the world of cutting-edge sales and marketing strategies, gaining valuable insights and expertise that will undoubtedly propel our business forward. The course at LXA Academy has equipped me with the latest tools, techniques, and industry best practices, empowering me to drive results and exceed expectations in our ever-changing market landscape."

Legal & General


"This course provided some fundamental information and frameworks specific to the MarTech space, which I will be using in our business to drive better Marketing."
Senior Marketing Automations & Operations Manager

gamesys logo


"The course was fantastic for providing structure to strategically thinking about the Martech teams’ function, responsibilities and key players within any organisation. The exercises serve as a really valuable framework to develop your own martech strategy and Carlos’ advice both in the recorded and live Q&A sessions which helped me a lot. I learnt an enormous amount, all of which will be really helpful in my career."

Senior Manager, Marketing Technology & Insight

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"I cannot recommend LXA enough for their Marketing Operations and Technology courses. Darrell Alfonso led our Global Marketing through The Essentials of Marketing Operations. The course was insightful, thought provoking and up to date with best practice. Best of all it was accredited"




Why LXA?

Decades of Experience

Our team and network of instructional designers, SMEs, content operations managers, and learning experience design specialists each have decades of experience.

Crafting over 500 learning experiences for our 50k+ community means our team is well-placed to design and deliver your learning content. 

Uniquely Informed

With an annual event series that gains us access to hundreds of global thought leaders, interviews and surveys with over two thousand enterprise CMOs each year, and an expansive network of practitioner course instructors, our access to knowledge and expertise is unmatched.

Fast, Fresh Content

Our proprietary AI enabled production capabilities ensure we can quickly create and update content as the marketing landscape, buyer behaviours and market changes evolve.

Plus, we offer live workshop options to provide to the minute updated training.

Personalised Learning Design

With our unique approach to learning design, we can expertly craft learning paths and experiences that match cohort learning levels, experience, role focus, and training needs.

From entry level, to intermediate through to specialist and advanced, content is curated with the end-user in mind.

Marketing Enablement Focussed

We don't just help you upskill and reskill your team. We focus on learning design of materials and experiences that connect to your marketing operating model, stack and ways of working. Learning becomes a catalyst to enable the broader marketing strategy and framework. Our learning supports your marketing enablement effectiveness.

Chat with our team on your training needs.


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