Digital Sales Transformation 2023/24 UK/EMEA


While technology has redefined the way we connect and do business, the essence of genuine human interaction sometimes seems lost amidst the screens and algorithms. It’s easy to reminisce about the days when a handshake and a personal touch were the building blocks of successful business relationships.

The digital realm is now the norm for B2B buyers, where they often navigate their entire purchasing journey. The pandemic accelerated the adoption of digital tools, changing the way sales teams engage with prospects and customers. Understanding and adapting to these new buyer behaviours is essential for success.

This report presents the results of a comprehensive study, shedding light on the current state of digital sales transformation. We’ve evaluated various aspects, from data integration and customer-centricity to digital sales experiences, technology utilisation, and the empowerment of people and teams within the sales department.

The findings reveal valuable insights into the maturity of sales organisations and pinpoint areas that demand improvement. 


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