Marketing Capabilities Excellence: Developing Your Marketing Capability Program & Academy

A guide to building your marketing capabilities to drive your marketing transformation.

LXA's Marketing Capabilities Excellence: Developing & Delivering Your Marketing Capability Program & Academy report provides a comprehensive guide to marketing capabilities, from assessment and identification of capability gaps, through collaboration with the CMO, to the design and delivery of marketing academies. 

We live in an era marked by rapid technological change and shifting customer expectations, and organizations have to respond and adapt to thrive. By building effective marketing academies, which enable the maintenance and advancement of robust marketing capabilities, organizations can not only respond to but also anticipate and shape market trends. 

The report will cover:

  • The macro trends driving the need for marketing transformation
  • The most in-demand marketing competencies 
  • Planning and execution of capability programs, including maturity assessments, and identifying gaps in capability
  • Creating a capability academy that delivers rich learning experiences, and builds a culture of continuous learning
  • The strategic cycle of marketing academies, and the key stakeholders involved
  • Measurement and optimization of marketing capabilities

This report has been based on in-depth interviews with industry experts to bring you actionable insights. Whether you are looking to refine your marketing strategy, upskill your team or build a marketing academy, this report is a fantastic resource.