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Please ensure you use your work email address for a successful application.

Upon registration you will automatically receive a ticket to AntiCon. Please note this does not mean that you have been approved to attend the event. All applications are subject to approval based on pre-determined eligibility criteria. If your application is unsuccessful, our team will notify you by email within 4 working days.

Tickets are not available to AntiCon competitors and the event team reserves the right to deny or cancel any ticket at its sole discretion.


Who attends?

  • 95% of passes are reserved specifically for brands and media companies or agencies procuring tech on behalf of their clients 
  • 5% of passes are available for tech vendors and agencies in marketing, sales and advertising.

At AntiCon, you can expect an incredible anti-conference experience, with a top-notch speaker line-up and packed agenda.

This application form helps us ensure that everyone attending AntiCon will get max value from the experience! If we're a perfect match, you'll benefit from highly relevant content, and the ability to network and connect with other attendees.

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