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AntiCon DialUp: The habits of high-performing marketing teams

Join our latest event on the habits of high-performing marketing teams. In this session, we will delve into the key stages of the marketing process, including content and campaign planning, content..

[Webinar] Transformational Thinking with Tom Goodwin

Transform your thinking and gain a fresh perspective on business and tech dynamics with Tom Goodwin. Join our fireside chat to explore effective change management, growth mindset mechanics, and..

AntiCon DialUp: The State of AI in Enablement

Join our latest event on the state of AI enablement with Seismic, the global market leader in enablement. In their session they will unpack insights from nearly 1,400 leaders in Sales, Enablement and..

AntiCon DialUp: Unleashing the Power of AI & Machine Learning to Drive Actionable Insights and Enhance CX

To kick off 2024, we will be deep diving into the practical applications of AI and machine learning to supercharge your customer data management with Treasure Data.

AntiCon DialUp: the State of Martech for Agencies and Martech Solutions Providers

To kick off 2024, we hosted the definitive online event for martech solutions providers and agencies looking to better understand the 2024 landscape. We have two packed sessions to help you plan,..

AntiCon - May 2024

The UK's largest martech, ad tech, salestech & nexttech anti-conference is back this October. We will be joined by a whole host of top industry speakers with a killer line up of sessions tackling all..

Marketing Capabilities Leaders Dinner - London

7th March 2024

Join us for the exclusive invite only event for leaders in marketing capabilities.


Cannes Lions Winners: Who did it best, Humans or AI?

The potential of AI and machine learning as a whole is vast, as it empowers brands to craft personalised content on a large scale, fostering a heightened sense of customer loyalty and engagement.