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AntiCon DialUp - Unleashing the Power of AI & Machine Learning

21 February | 15:00 GMT / 16:00 CET


Unlock the power of AI and ML to drive actionable insights & enhance CX.

To kick off 2024, we will be deep diving into the practical applications of AI and machine learning to supercharge your customer data management with Zach Wenthe, Director of Customer Marketing & Thought Leadership Treasure Data and Carlos Doughty, CEO and Founder, LXA.

Customer data is a sensitive topic for CX leaders, with so many regulations in place monitoring the process from how and why we collect it all the way through to what we do with the insights, it is now more complicated than ever to handle data and drive actionable insights.

Whilst AI isn’t the silver bullet for all of our issues, thought leaders from Treasure Data will unpack in this session how to harness the tool effectively to provide a 360-degree customer view whilst also acknowledging the pitfalls associated with the use of these tools and how to navigate such challenges. Join us on February 21st as we unleash the power AI & ML to drive actionable insights and enhance CX.


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The Agenda

Check out The Agenda for Unleashing the Power of AI & ML to Drive Actionable Insights & Enhance CX.