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The Martech Report 22/23

Martech is more important than ever, and despite a more challenging economic situation in 2022, martech budgets are continuing to grow. The global market for Martech and Salestech is estimated to be worth $508.9bn.

As our latest State of Martech report finds organisations face a number of challenges around marketing technology. The biggest one is finding the skills and talent needed to drive martech initiatives.

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AntiConLX Week

25 May AntiConLX  Global 
24 May | AntiConLX  Marketing Leaders Dinner  

23 May | AntiConLX  DialUp North America 
22 May | AntiConLX  DialUp APAC 
21 May | AntiConLX  Middle East 


What's In Store?

The MarTech, Ad Tech, NextTech & SalesTech anti-conference. Tackling all things:

  • Strategy | Enhancing your data-driven strategic thinking. Threading together data + tech + marketing advertising + sales.
  • CX & Engagement Design | Data-driven digital experience, content creation & messaging.
  • Operations | Marketing, sales and data operations excellence.
  • Sales Effectiveness | Atomising the tech, data, content and operations mix for sales repeatability, predictability and scalability.
  • Stack Management | Building your stack for optimisation.
  • Data Plumbing | Architecting your data ecosystem to embrace the latest and greatest martech, ad tech, and salestech solutions 
  • Case Studies | Unpack data-driven marketing, advertising & sales case studies.
  • Future Trends | separating the hype from the reality in the latest wave of tech - AI to AIG, Web3 & beyond.

AntiConLX Week Headline Speakers

This May, AntiConLX Global Week is bringing you a whole host a heavy-hitters who'll take the in-person and virtual stage to deep dive
on trend martech, ad tech, nexttech and salestech topics.
Here's a sneak peek of what's in store with more line up announcements coming very soon! 


Event session streams


If you're a self-professed martech nerd searching for the ultimate marketing technology nirvana to learn from the best marketers in the biz, you've struck solid gold my friend. That’s right, Marketing Directors & Managers, CMOs, Martech Specialists, Marketing Operations Profs (MOPs) and Marketing Technologists – we’re talking to you.

Martech sessions covering:

  • B2B Marketing
  • Content & Engagement
  • Data
  • Experience
  • Marketing operations
  • MarTech Strategy & trends


If tools to help sales teams boost productivity, drive speed to lead and better understand prospects sounds like it would tickle your fancy - or enough to make your mind go *cha-chiiiiing* - you've landed in the right place. Sales Directors & Managers, Growth & Revenue Officers, Sales Operations Profs (SOPs), Sales Engagement Leaders - we’re looking at you.

SalesTech sessions covering:

  • Sales enablement
  • Sales engagement
  • Sales content management
  • Sales operations
  • Sales stack management
  • AI Driven sales


NextTech is the tech of the future. The next big tech. Whether it's Artificial Intelligence, Web 3, or The Metaverse, we're talking all the futuristic digital trends taking the new world by storm. We unpack how marketing, sales & CX need to evolve for the new world. Transformation Officers, CDOs, Digital Profs and Marketing Technologists – this is for you.

NexTech sessions in marketing, sales & CX in:

  • Web3
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The Metaverse
  • Innovation management
  • Digital transformation
  • NextTech strategy & trends


We unpack the evolution of the data landscape and the wave this creates in the digital advertising ecosystem as we know it today. In turn, we explore fresh audience strategies created to adapt to a new world and align to new consumer data expectations. Plus the ad tech, martech, madtech solutions in the market designed to solve these challenges. Advertising professionals, Marketers, Data officers, and Marketing Technologists – this is for you.

Ad Tech sessions in:

  • Data privacy, ethics & regulation landscape
  • Advertising ecosystem evolution
  • Zero to 3rd Party data collection & management
  • Ad tech to martech to madtech
  • Customer data platforms (CDP) & Data clean rooms (DTR)
  • Audience & data strategy & trends

Not to be missed

🔔 Keynote from the Godfather of Marketing Technology himself, Mr Scott Brinker.

📈 We release the results from the 2023 Data-Driven Marketing Survey - unlocking the latest trends and insights in personalisation, omnichannel marketing, predictive analytics, customer data platforms, and more.

😎 Tech & business meme master, twitter threads type analyst, NIA pod co-host, builder of an AI research app, Bloomberg columnist, ex-writer for the Hustle, Trung Phan

🔮 Hear from Martin Kihn, author and data-driven marketing expert, on the future of ad tech, the death of the third-party cookie, and the role of CDPs.

🎤 Helping us bridge any gaps in our marketing knowledge will be the New York Times bestselling author and Forbes Top 10 Marketer, Neil Patel.

🛠 Joining us from the US will be the industry’s leading marketing ops influencers, including author, speaker, and tutor Darrell Alfonso, and award-winning marketer Sara McNamara.

 Soak up more martech mastery by developing your own first-party data strategy with The FT’s MarTech Director, Katrina Broster.📚 Book club pop-up – we chat with Kevin Kelly, the founding executive editor of Wired Magazine for the latest instalment of the LXA Book Club.

🎓 Join the pop-up campus to meet alumni, connect with course instructors IRL, and get a taste of LXA MBA digital courses.

⚙️ Multiple sessions from the market's leading CDPs, DCRs, DAMs, DXPs, MAPs, ad tech, content platforms, events tech, professional service providers + more.

Plus additional unique experiences for those joining us live in London

The AntiConLX Global Week

A Hybrid & Global Event Experience.

While our event is global, we understand not everyone can hop on a plane. Fear not. We have you covered! You can still join us on the internet in advance of the big day and on-demand.

For those that are joining in-person, we have something extra for you. If you're a marketing leader we also have an intimate dinner the night before the big day! 

AntiConLX DialUp ME

AntiConLX DialUp
 Middle East 

Sunday 21st May (1.5hrs)
15.00 GST
AntiConLX DialUp ME

AntiConLX DialUp

Monday 22nd May (1.5hrs)
11.00 SGT, 13.00 AEST & 15.00 NZST, Online
AntiConLX DialUp N.America

AntiConLX DialUp
 North America 

Tuesday 23rd May (4hrs)
10.00 PDT & 13.00 EDT
Marketing Leaders Dinner - Night before main in-person day

Marketing Leaders

Wednesday 24th May 
18.00 - 22.30 BST
AntiConLX Global In-person


Thursday 25th May (All day)
08.00 - 20.00 BST

AntiConLX Global Pics

What happens at AntiConLX Global? Check out the snaps from our last few events

The AntiConLX Pledge

Trust us when we say, we'd go above and beyond to deliver our anti-conference experience... 

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 17.37.39

We would sooner eat our Sales Manager's tie than let you eat a sad, stale sandwich. 

We’ve got London’s finest street food trucks on speed dial plus bite sized treats served throughout the day. 

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 17.34.54

We would rather see our Account Exec's perform a duet on the main stage before we let you network in awkward silence.

You can bank on our resident DJ to deliver a 90s HipHop soundtrack to kick start the convo.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 17.36.55

We would happily kidnap a keynote speaker before we let you leave uninspired.

No ‘samey sessions’ here. Count on a range of session topics from Content & Engagement, Data, Strategy & Trends and everything in between. 

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 17.35.16

We would braid friendship bracelets until our fingers bled before we let our attendees leave un-bonded

Whether it’s a little healthy competition in the arcade, bonding over a beer or sharing insights from sessions, we help bring attendees together inside and outside of the office.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 17.35.28

We’d sooner star in our own streaming service before we leave you with just one channel. TechFlix and chill?

We’ve got you covered with all the tech channels you could ever need, no exceptions. Expanding beyond just MarTech with session streams from SalesTech and NextTech too.

Screenshot 2022-08-04 at 17.35.35

We’d rather re-sit our maths exams before we limit your learning experiences.

AntiConLX is a learning experience like no other. Expect sessions from the stage transported to your screen, learning over lunch, author AMA’s and everything in between. 

Why come to AntiConLX Global?

Rally the team and make a day of it!


Outstanding Speakers

Scott Brinker, Jill Rowley and Darrell Alfonso and stacks of other fantastic speakers to be released soon.


Topical focus

All the techs! From Mar to Sales to Ad to Next Tech we have you covered. 


Epic learning experience

With free beers, beats, bants & a fully stacked agenda, our flagship anti-conference offers the best way to #KeepUpgrading your knowledge, skills and network.


Make some mates

Join a community of marketing, sales and digital transformation leaders from brands like Swarovski, The Financial Times, Waitrose, Sky Gaming & Betting, Mondelez, Shelter, Facebook, Heineken, Argos & plenty more


One action packed day

It's hard to get away from your desk at the best of times, so we've made sure AntiConLX Global is one compact and action packed day (save those out of offices for trips to the Maldives!)


Great Grub 

We're not about sad stale sandwiches so don't expect budget bites! We'll keep your belly full with top notch street food and drinks.


Fluff free

Join practical and dynamic sessions focused on learning outcomes - NOT sales pitches dressed up as keynote presentations. Our speakers tell it as they see it and deliver unfiltered expertise and practical insights.


First-class venue

With unbroken views across the River Thames, Magazine London is located on Greenwich Peninsula, close to North Greenwich tube station, offering excellent transport links from the West End, London Bridge and Canary Wharf. 


The Campus

We're taking learning to the next level with our LXA Campus. Check out a new dedicated space for freshers and course alumni to connect, collaborate, and participate in peer-to-peer coaching.

90's Beats

AntiConLX Global wouldn't be the same without our resident DJ Marky Mark has been spinning the very best 90s tracks to provide the perfect soundtrack to your day.


Book Club 

AntiConLX Global is where our Book Club comes to life! Keep your eyes peeled to see which best-selling authors will be joining us live on stage.


Bonus Round

The learning journey doesn't end once the day is over, additional exclusive content will be released on demand as well as resources and discounts to all upcoming courses

But don't just take our word for it

Here's what attendees of the last event say...

AntiConLX Global Community

Iron Mountain
The Telegraph
Legal & General
John Lewis

2023 Speaker Line Up

More announcements coming soon!


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Where the magic happens...

AntiConLX Global is taking up residence in one of London's most exciting new venues!

Set to the breathtaking backdrop of Canary Wharf, the unique space is giving us the chance to bring you even more amazing marketing technology content across three stages. Plus even more of the street food, DJs, and networking spaces you know and love.