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Want to keep up with the latest in Ad Tech? You're in the right place. AntiCon is the ultimate event to help you plan your digital advertising strategy for the year ahead.

Join 1200+ attendees and some of the industry's most respected speakers, including Ad Tech headliner Sir Martin Sorrell, for an event experience like no other. We'll be tackling all things audience and data strategy, to your stack of ad tech and martech tools, through to the underlying ad ops and programmatic advertising mechanics.

 Check out our AntiCon Highlights Reel and see what we’ve got in store.

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Ad Tech Headliner: Sir Martin Sorrell (online)

Founder and former CEO of WPP, the world's largest advertising and PR group, Sir Martin was instrumental in building the company into a global powerhouse through a series of mergers and acquisitions.

Sir Martin is widely regarded as one of the most influential figures in the world of advertising and marketing. His strategic thinking and vision have enabled him to stay ahead of industry trends, and his deep understanding of consumer behavior has been invaluable in shaping successful advertising campaigns.

Ad Tech Agenda Highlights

✅ Plan, map & stack your advertising strategy for the year ahead, with a speciifc focus on audience and data strategy, to your stack of ad tech and martech tools, throuhg to the underlying ad ops and programmatic advertising mechanics.

🔔 Session from Sir Martin Sorrell, WPP Founder and executive chairman at S4, widely recognised as one of the global leaders in advertising. (online)

📈 We release the results from The State of Marketing Operations & Martech Report 2023/24.

🤓 Don't miss a keynote from the founder of CDP Institute and all round martech, adtech, madtech nerd & leading voice in the space, David Raab

📚 Join best selling book author, Richard Shotton, as he unpacks his latest work on behavioural science and marketing.

🎤 Catch WARC's presentation on The Future of Programmatic.

⚡Soak up more ad tech, martech & salestech mastery from the FT, Philips, Nokia, Klarna, Three, Pizza Hut, Investec, Forrester & more.

Plus Ad Tech Sessions covering...

  • Ad tech & data ecosystem
  • Data privacy, ethics & regulation landscape
  • Audience & data strategy & trends
  • The ad tech stack for a cookieless world
  • AI in advertising
  • Programmatic advertising effectiveness
  • Identity management
  • Ad fraud & brand safety
  • Analytics & measurement in advertising

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The Agenda

Take a look at what's in store...

Why come to AntiCon?

Rally the team and make a day of it!


Outstanding Speakers

Sir Martin Sorrell, Aaron Ross, David Raab, Stevie Antonioni and stacks of other fantastic speakers to be announced soon.


Enhance your Stack

The ultimate event to help you plan your digital advertising strategy for the year ahead. Specifically focused on audience and data strategy to your stack of ad tech and martech tools, through to the underlying ad ops and programmatic advertising mechanics.


Stay Ahead

Staying ahead is tough these days with a robot takeover impending at any second! - we can help. Stay ahead with the latest technology advancements and industry trends shaping the future of Martech, SalesTech, Ad Tech and NextTech.


Make some mates

Network and connect with a community of marketing, sales and digital transformation leaders from brands like Swarovski, The Financial Times, Waitrose, Sky Gaming & Betting, Mondelez, Shelter, Facebook, Heineken & plenty more.


One action packed day

It's hard to get away from your desk at the best of times, so we've made sure AntiCon is one compact and action packed day (save those out of offices for trips to the Maldives!)


Get Smarter

With outstanding speakers comes outstanding session topics and insights. This anti-conference is all about delivering valuable information to help you to enhance your knowledge base in marketing, sales, advertising and beyond. 

AntiCon Pics

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While our event is global we understand not everyone can hop on a plane, but fear not, we have you covered! You can still join us on the internet in advance of the big day and on-demand. 

For those that are joining in 3D, we have something extra for you. If you're a marketing leader we also have an intimate dinner the night before the big day! 

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Leaders Dinner

All on-demand sessions from the AntiCon Week will be available from Saturday, 21st October. 

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Event Info & FAQs

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Where the magic happens...

AntiCon resides in one of London’s most exciting and fresh venues. 

Set to the breathtaking backdrop of Canary Wharf, the unique space is giving us the chance to bring you even more amazing marketing technology content across three stages. Plus even more of the street food, DJs, and networking spaces you know and love.